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Oct 11 2020
A pleasant surprise
Credit Karma Member

After having credit problems due to a divorce and paying on a high interest credit card I accepted an offer from AMEX and was approved. I continue to use my card for every day expenditures.

Jan 12 2020
Denied - scores over 800
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card on my own, Credit Karma happens to be promoting it specifically to me in emails now too. But I was instantly denied. Their online system reported errors when I tried to follow the links to get the reason. But after days, I called their reconsideration line. The reason was "too many accounts opening and closing". I don't think I have that many, but they wouldn't offer any clarification about either what they consider "too many" or what time period they look at for that. So despite an outstanding credit report with no negative information anywhere, I'm locked out. And with the vagueness of their information, I have to assume I just can't apply for any Amex any more. They use Experian, which is very similar to my report at other agencies. I had: 0 inquiries in 2 years 2 credit cards opened in 2 years 2 cards closed in 2 years, including one of the opened ones The only Amex on my report was closed 3+ years earlier, after over 15 years. And I have no idea if 2 years is what they look at, or 10, or 20. At least Chase is pretty open about their 5/24 rule, but Amex seems to have a much stricter kind of rule and no disclosure of their requirements.

Jul 03 2019
Had this card for 4 Years, Love it!
Credit Karma Member

This card is really great. AMEX is good about increasing your credit limit if you are a responsible spender (never late on payments). I used this card to really build my credit score. 10/10 Reccommend, but be careful as AMEX is not always accepted everywhere.

May 22 2019
Very nice card
Credit Karma Member

I like this card because of the amex benefits and points. They will also give 20% more points for the billing cycle if you use your card at least 20 times. They have also provided me generous credit which bumped my credit utilization down below 30%. The downside is you will have to wait a long time for your points to post, it is not available right away unlike my capital one credit card which reflects the cashback almost immediately. They also have introductory 0% APR for 15 months for when I applied, I do not know if that has changed. Overall, a great card.

Mar 21 2019
So Far, So Good.. I Guess?
Credit Karma Member

Before I applied for this card I used this website and others to kind of figure out my approval odds. I thought since I got approved, I would share my experience and actually contribute to the forum, since it helped me. Review: I saw a lot of people on here mentioning that they had high credit scores but got low CLs like $1,000. I was concerned about this befofe applying but applied anyway. Fortunately, I got a decent $9,400CL. If you are interested in this card but worried you will get a low, starter CL, there is a possibility they might give you decent, high one. My assumption is it probably all depends on how many other cards you have open and how high those CLs are. [I have other cards open with decent limits like this so maybe they took that into consideration.] Their customer service is.... okay.. || I wanted to expedite the card and also get the card number; which is usually available after successful amex applications online. Unfortunately for me, after getting approved I was filling out information and the page timed out on me so it never reached the screen to give me the card number. [Note for persons applying online: If you intend on retrieving the card number after doing your application, do not spend time to fill out authorized users and/ or balance transfer information; skip those steps. After 3 minutes the page will timeout thus not even allowing you to get to the screen of retrieving your card information so you can begin making purchases online. You can always log into the account afterwards to add authorized users and other information.] || Called in to request for this information and they could not provide me with the card number nor assist in expediting the card. I have been able to get cards expedited upon request with other FI namely Chase, Discover and Capital One. So aside from not being able to assist in my request, I find their hold times annoying.. I'm never on hold with Chase, Discover or Capital One for very long... before even receiving the card I have had to make multiple calls to their cust. service and loathe it each time. Outside of the unnecessary wait times like I am calling a government institution, their employees are polite and friendly. Extremely polite and they have made me feel like a valued customer each time. This is my 1st Amex card and I opened the account last week Friday so I can't really talk on the membership rewards program yet, but I'll update as time goes by if I think it is more than or just as valuable as Chase's UR. Credit Scores: TU-752 EQ-746 EX-743 Credit Limit: $9,400 Bonus Offer: 25K MR points on $2k spend in 3 months, 0% APR for 15 months for purchases and balance transfers; balance transfer limit is $5k however.

Jan 15 2019
Good Rewards.
Credit Karma Member

I have the card... great "start up card" ... i upgraded to the Everyday Preffered card... added a family member the card... we'll see what happens. you gain points fast... love the app... and the customer service.

Jan 13 2019
Credit Karma Member

I love this card! Awesome rewards, cash back or points at your favorite places. I recieved a credit limit increase after about 10 months of having the card (even with a high balance)! I love that there is a mobile app to easily make payments and monitor your use. you can also add an alternate person to you account so they can get some of the same benefits, though its still counted on your credit and theirs if they are above 18 (That was a shocker at first, but makes sense now). With the "Plan It" option on purchases $100 or more you just pay a small fee a month to avoid gaining interest on the transaction! I really have nothing negative to say about this card at all, its just awesome.

Jan 11 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have applied for this card 3 times and keep getting denied. My credit is the same as my husband with all accounts in good standing. He was approved on the spot for 5000 and our credit is the exact same. Not sure where they are finding a discrepancy. I take care of all the household credit yet cannot get approved with good credit... Frustrated

Oct 28 2018
dont believe "very good" odds
Credit Karma Member

be happy with the credit you have , dont apply for Amex snob card 755 score not good enough

Oct 22 2018
It works but it feels kind of hokey.
Credit Karma Member

I love my Gold card, and wanted an AMEX that will earn rewards and have offer some flexibility in payments, so I got this one. It may have been too soon after getting my gold card. I got approved for $1000, with excellent credit. So I use it mostly for smaller purchases, but it doesn't feel 'necessary'. I could easily do without it. The pay it/plan it functionality is great though, and I love the website and app for managing cards. But.. it feels cheap. This put me off quite a bit, actually. It is more flimsy than a standard card and scratches very easily. I was disappointed in how cheesy it feels to use this thing. I feel a bit like I wasted an application on this one. But it works. The rewards are there and there's no annual fee so I guess it meets my requirements. I just wish the limit was higher and it looked/felt more worthy of the AMEX title. I would probably find a better role for it.

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The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express

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