Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews
3.8 out of 5 stars
240 Reviews

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Application Process

4 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

4 out of 5 stars

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Aug 19, 2019
I'm highly impressed!
xxE0l8l03xx Cardholder

Other than the fact that I cant use it everywhere, this card is amazing! American Express really does walk it like they talk it. Never let's me down and they stay on top of CL increases!! I highly recommend this card without a doubt.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 04, 2019
Customer service was rude and wanted tax
BusinessOwner41 Cardholder

They want your federal tax returns. They did not require them before issuing the card and then after a month told me they needed them. I of course said no to that. Had I have known that they would have asked me for federal tax returns I would not have applied. Putting 4 years of federal tax returns out on the internet or even stored on their systems so they can be hacked later is just not a good idea. The value of the card is not worth the risk. No other card company has asked for my federal returns.  752 Fico score and don't need the hassle or risk. When I talked to them they said they had to have them or they might cancel me. I said to cancel my card I was not longer interested in it. Even though the card was paid in full they canceled the card and put it on my credit report that they had cancelled it when I had cancelled it.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Feb 19, 2020
So many member benefits and excellent se
Clove98 Cardholder

Love this card, has so many additional member benefits on top of cash back on every purchase. 

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Feb 19, 2020
Great cash rewards and services.
Zr1vetty60 Cardholder

One of best card to have. Easy to use and accepted every where plus pretty good cash back as well

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Feb 18, 2020
The one for cash back
daawizard Cardholder

No problem at all with this card. I. Have been lucky because I have not found a place I shop that doesn't take it. It's a great card, get you one now 

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Feb 18, 2020
Great cash back card
RFalgout Cardholder

I really like this card.  I use it for 95% of everything I purchase each month and always pay it off each month.  I usually get about $1,000 cash back every year just for using my credit card.  

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Feb 18, 2020
Easy to use and pay via app
amexuser Cardholder

This card is easy to use and accepted everywhere.  The customer service team is available with just a phone call and very helpful.

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Feb 17, 2020
Good card.
Tennesassy Cardholder

Good card, finding a little hard to get a credit limit increase and not accepted at some establishments.

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Feb 17, 2020
BehzadF Cardholder

Excellent credit line. Good cash back. Good rewards.

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Feb 17, 2020
Poor redemption options, makes you wait.
RobertLz Cardholder

Card does not offer you the option to deposit cash back money into your checking account. If you choose a gift card they send you a physical card with no option to get an electronic version. Rewards money is posted into your rewards account at the end OF 2 BILLING CYCLES SO, YOU WAIT 60 DAYS before you can even use them.

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express