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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR 0% for 12 Months
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 13.74% - 23.74%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR 0% for 12 Months
  • Purchase Regular APR 13.74% - 23.74%* Variable

Our Take

The Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express is a great card for getting cash back on everyday purchases.

What to Like

Limited Time Offer: Apply by 5/3/17 – Earn 10% cash back on purchases at U.S. Restaurants in the first 6 months, up to $200 back. The Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express offers 3% cash back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases (then 1%), 2% at U.S. gas stations and 1% cash back everywhere else

Look Out For

This card has a penalty APR that applies for at least six months after a late payment, so it’s important to stay on-time with your payments.


Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 11, 2012
jaredalecia Cardholder

I was approved for this card four months ago with a KC score of 730, almost 2 years of history, $60k income, perfect payment history and pay off cards each month.  My initial credit line was $2,000, which is a bit low if you're trying to stay below 20% utilization, but I just used it for groceries and gas starting out.  AmEx has higher standards than most card issuers, and I was just glad to get approved with a short history.  I have two other cards with $5k limits and used those for most other purchases.  Last week, I called to request a credit limit increase (possible after 60 days of getting the card) and used the automated system to request a new CL of $6,000.  Five seconds later it was approved for triple my previous limit!  Hint: when requesting a CLI, shoot high but not too high.  If it's too low, you'll get approved but stuck with a lower limit than you could have got.  If you shoot too high, you're out of luck anyway.  I'm not expecting double or triple the next time around!  I'll be using this card much more often now that I have a decent CL.  My only complaint is that sometimes (especially with gas purchases), AmEx will put a large hold on your card until the purchase clears ($125 hold for a $55 gas purchase).  Not horrible, but kind of annoying. 

Another thing I like about this card is the social media deals. I've synced my card with Facebook and Twitter and have already gotten some of the great deals offered ($5 free at Redbox and $5 off of $10 spent at McD's!).  Hard to beat good deals like that by just being an AmEx user. 

Quick note: please don't review cards based solely on whether you were approved or not. Being denied doesn't necessarily make it a bad card, and being approved for a high CL doesn't necessarily make it a great card.  Use the card for a while and then leave an informed review. Thanks!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 18, 2016
brob757 Cardholder

If you pay off your balance be careful as this credit card has trailing interest. I've never had to pay any such thing on any of my credit cards before. It seems sneaky to me. I paid off the entire balance on my card and they charged me $1.47 in interest on the next month's statement. They have sent me a statement every month regardless of whether I had a balance or not since I received this card so thinking my entire balance was paid, I did not pay any attention to them. I had no idea there was a $1.47 balance on my card. After 60 days, with no email, no phone calls etc, they cancelled my account. I received a notification through mail. So, I called AMEX customer service and was informed there was an unusually high cash volume so I could wait or call back tomorrow. I went through this three times on the way to work, the system hung up on me each time. Finally, later that day, I was able to talk to someone. Ask yourself, if you have an important question about your account, do you really want to have to wait half a day to be able to reach someone?

Anyways, the lady on the phone was very nice. I explained to her that it was all a mistake, and I'd never missed a payment in 10 years of having the card and I thought it was silly to cancel a loyal customers account over a mistake that cost less than a gallon of gasoline. She went to work, and assured me that the charge was reversed, and, that my card was reinstated and also apologized for the confusion. She also reassured me that this was not going on my credit record and that I had no reason to worry. She told me I'd receive a letter in the mail letting me know whether a new card was being sent or the old one was simply reinstated.

I was very happy with the result and figured that it must have just fallen through the cracks. I figured they made a mistake, and the fact that this lady was so sweet and helpful made up for that. Except, I was dead wrong. I received a letter in the mail alright, except it was a notice that I was declined for account reinstatement. That was lie number one. That sweet lady on the phone was a liar. She told me my account had been reinstated. Lie number two was that it did indeed go on my credit record. I checked and there it was "60-89 days late"... She reassured me more than once that it would not go against my credit record...

Now let's get this straight. Over $1.47, or, the price you pay for things like milk, a candy bar, a soda, less than a gallon of gasoline, a bottle of windshield washer fluid, a spare key etc etc etc, not only did they Cancel my card that I'd held for 10 years, but they also screwed up my credit report... again, I've never missed a payment on any loan or card.... needles to say, I was less than happy... You would think if that $1.47 was so important to them that they would cancel my card and put a dent in my credit score, they could have sent an email or called, especially being that I have been a customer for some time now.

I tried logging on to view my account to see if the $1.47 had been removed but of course, again, there were technical difficulties. So, I called. I spoke to another lady who looked into it and verified that indeed I had been lied to. She told me that it was stated during my last interaction that my account was reinstated and the charges were wiped clean of my account. The lady was as nice as she could be but unfortunately, being that I was lied to once while being nice, I decided to take a more stern approach this time. I let her know that I do not appreciate being lied to and I do not appreciate the fact that now, thanks to American express and a mistake involving pocket change, I may end up having a strain on my credit record for a long time and end up having to pay higher interest on a car loan or a personal loan etc. I vowed to tell as many people as possible so here I am warning you to stay way from American express. They threw away a good customer for 10 years over less than the price of a candy bar. I know other people they have screwed up with as well. Protect yourself, do not sign up for their cards...

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 28, 2017
just approved with 649!
Jessie707 Cardholder

So I'm rebuilding my credit after screwing it up after high school. I'm 24 now. I've had a Barclays card which I lurched my MacBook with and is now in collections. Even tho I've payed for the MacBook 2x over. Added interest and fees are a b**ch! I also had a capital one secured card and Bank of America card which I let close when I was unemployed. I didn't have any open or current credit cards for more than a year. So I payed off the cap and boa. And I also have student loans. I opened a new capital one secured card which I'm grateful for. Payed it off in full every month for the past 6 months and watched my score go up steadily. As of today I'm at 649 and 651 per credit karma coming from around 550. So I decided since I reached this score I would use it to my advantage and try to get some credit to maybe boost it up a little minus the few points I would miss for the inquiries. I applied for the chase freedom and was denied. :( Then I applied for the Discover It card with $1400 credit limit but with a 23% interest but I don't plan on carrying balances. Then today applied for the Amex since credit karma said my apporval odds were fair and I was instantly approved for $1000! I plan to ask for a limit increase like some other reviews suggested. Thanks credit karma!

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Apr 28, 2017
Great signup bonus
memily68 Cardholder

Standard amex (great customer service and site) plus a great sign on bonus. Good stuff!

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Apr 27, 2017
BulmaBunny Cardholder

So I have been building my credit from a 515 & after paying all my debt off & getting asecure credit card, I am now at a 682. I applied for this card not really knowing if I would get it or not but I did. I like that I get cash back. It's a really nice perk.

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Apr 26, 2017
Fantastic card!
MarshMcInnis Cardholder

I love this card! Amex is one of the best companies to work with as far as credit is concerned

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Apr 26, 2017
Best card I own
djmartinusen Cardholder

  Great for earning rewards, the best I have found out there. The interest rate is high, but so are the other cards out there. That's the nature of these post-crisis times. Hopefully, someday we'll have low rates again. I recommend paying off balances monthly so you don't ever pay interest. American Express has never ran a hard credit inquiry when I requested a spending limit increase. Another card I own always does that, which I hate. So that's a plus if you don't want your credit dinged by a hard inquiry that sticks around for two years. Customer service for this card, from my experience, has been excellent, which in this day and age is rare. 

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Apr 24, 2017
Complicated rewards
YeahItsMe72 Cardholder

The rewards process is horribly complicated.  First you cannot get cash back.  Instead you can only apply rewards (in $25 increments) to your balance.  This means if you have $49 in earned rewards, only $25 can be taken.  You need to earn an additional $1 in rewards to use the next $25 and so it goes.  Always having rewards you cannot access.

The various reward rates are confusing.  I shop at my local supermarket and charges are split across the 1% non supermarket rewards as well as the 3% rewards.  I have no idea how to tell what I will get 3% for and what will default to the non-competitive 1%.  I'd rather use my Citi card which just gives me 2% for everything.

I need $5 more in rewards to get my next $25 reward.  After using that to pay off a balance I will cancel the card.

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Apr 23, 2017
Credit status symbol
Bpin770 Cardholder

I apply for the card and get an instant approval current credit score is 775 trans union and 708 equifax. Couple months back credit score went to 817 and 803. Took my utilization on my discover card to about 85% so while I'm paying that balance down I transferred half of the money to a capital one which had a 0 balance and opened up a American Express account. Received a $15,000 limit and transfer the other $7000 to it that way I have 0% interest on the amount the That I owe for 12 months

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Apr 21, 2017
Great Experience So Far
RGR770 Cardholder

After getting laid off during the economic downturn and holing myself up in grad school as a broke law student, my credit dipped into the 600s for several years.  I had to close and make arrangements to pay off several cards during this period.  I held no cards after this, and of course my score suffered more.  After graduation, getting a decent job, and getting smart about looking at my reports, I worked hard to get back over the 700 mark (with CK's help).   Nonetheless, I was denied a few times by other creditors early this year because of the age of my accounts, but finally AMEX approved me.  CK gave my "Very Good" approval odds.  I applied, and was not instantly approved, so I called AMEX proactively to verify my information, and was quickly approved with a pretty nice limit.  (There was a secruity alert with Experian a couple years ago after I spotted an irregularity on my repor; I had requested all creditors to call me before issuing credit.)  I was surprised that the representative was so friendly, attentive, and even cheerful, and I continue to have similar interactions with their people.  No problems so far!  

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1 Reply
Apr 23, 2017

if you don't mind what was the CL given? pretty nice to you may or may not be pretty nice to me.

Apr 21, 2017
This card is the worst
Anonymous Cardholder

The card is an American icon however everytime I call the customer service number I'm directed to the Philippines where there are really no laws to protect you when it comes to identity theft, and they ask you for everything ss# date of birth I cant even feel secured when I call for help it's a shame I spend about $27,000.00 per year on it. I will no longer be using this card in the box it go's 

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Apr 21, 2017
New to AMEX
dbrikhs78 Cardholder

Applied with a credit score of around 645 and received approval fairly quickly APR 23.74%.  Needed to transfer a balance from a capital one credit card APR 20.55%.  Actually worked out perfectly.  Received $1k credit limit.  Balance transfer fee is $22.50.  I was hoping this transfer would lower the capital one payments, which it did.  Now i feel like I can finally get caught up and pay it all off.

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

534 Reviews
Cardholders' Choice i