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new site much different score!!! wtf>?
so this site has updated i get that, but how did my score drop 100 pts and it doesnt show here> i was 718 on old site now i m low 600s in experian and history doesnt show that i was ever 718

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Credit Karma is wrong

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I used to believe that Credit Karma was somehwere in the neighboorhod of my credit rating.  When they changed their site, my score jumped 60 points.  I verified with other sources and found that it was wrong.  I used to think that this was a good gague for where I was, but now I think not.

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Mine dropped 100 points!!! It was saying "you have good credit" then the very next day, it said I had poor credit.

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My score dropped almost 100 points also

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My score dropped like over 100 points too! Only thing I've done different is pay off a car loan.  

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bad move

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Wow I have to scroll all over now, updates are less reliable, loads of other 3rd party stuff I don't care about, too many pages dipsersing the information I like. Score dropped 100 points too. makes me think CK was just manipulating previous scores to get people interested in tracking their score.

just awfull. 

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Put it back the way it was!!!!!!!

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Did any of you ever consider that in the past they had to rely on the people who came here to give them information (AKA attach their accounts to the site) and now they have found a better way to get the full information?  As an example in the past I had issues with DELL and another one of my cards (Had to close the accounts) here it asked for the log in information but since the accounts were closed there was none... meaning they no longer had any information about said accounts.  Now when I log into this site I get an email from Dell (Surpise even though the account is closed and I can't Log In) saying "Someone has logged into your account from an unauthorized device"  Meaning somehow CreditKarma can log into the account even though I can't Meaning they can stay up to current information that even I can't get.

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This is a complete farse

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OK, so this is the first time I've logged into Credit Karma in several weeks.  To my surprise I no longer have a reliable credit score!  Although the overall score went up, it went down compared to the last time I checked it.  This is complete and utterly useless.  I couple of my credit cards have begun offering the FICO score with my monthly statement and it was pretty close to what was reporting on here BEFORE.  Now I have NO reference point.  And it looks like the criticism is substantial so I hope they listen and go back to a REAL score.

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me 2, drop 100 pts in Jan 2015

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i am not happy about the 100 pt drop in my credit score (Jan 2015) but it appears that this is more accurate than what creditkarma was reporting b4. now i have to adjust my plan for getting back to where i was and beyond.

prior to the recent swith to vantage score, my credit score here on creditk was 689. now it is 580's. harsh

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These are more accuate.  I get my fico and vantage scores via my cc's & they are all just about the same as what Credit Karma is posting now.  

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Same here, my score dropped over 100 points with the new system. 693 to 586, how can that be with no changes in credit card utilization or any new inquireies??? Very confussing!

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Hi Designlmc: 

This is where it gets tricky. It's entirely up to your lender to choose which score model they want to use. We started using the VantageScore 3.0 because we believe it more closely resembles the score a lender would use when making a decision. However, lenders can even have their own private formula. There's really no way to know. We encourage you to focus on your credit health in general: a healthy credit report produces a good score in any model. 

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Sticking with Credit Sesame from now on!

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Hey Kayleigh, your generic advice does not address the concerns stated in this string.

NO ONE LIKES the new user interface because it provides less information; not to mention the fact that the scores are completely different than those previously provided.

Speaking of prior scores, what happened to the ability to view/review our historical scores? The 12-month graph (using "Vantage Score 3.0") apparently has no historical data to show since the prior scores are all the same as the current score.

What happened to being able to view score history all the way back to the date membership was established?

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Great and dandy expect more scores you have all more then 100 points lower then all three of the major credit agencies do. In fact just got a new car and they give you a report listing your current credit scores from all three. All of them where in the 630 to 680 but this site has me at 521. Not even close to real world.

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The new VantageScore 3.0 is Better

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I believe CK's older scoring model was VantageScore 1.0/2.0 which had a score range of 501 to 990. People relying on that score were often disappointed when seeking out a mortgage or auto loan. Loan officers pulled Fico scores (range 300 to 850) and it was easy for the Fico score to be 100 to 150 points less than the old CK score.

The current CK model, Vantagescore 3.0 model, still scores factors in your credit file differently than Fico models. However, now that the range matches Fico classic models, scores are at least closer to the ones loan officers pull. Heck, some even look at VS 3.0 credit scores these days in addition to Fico scores. Score range aside, the current VS 3.0 model, is well respected as a good predictor of credit worthiness based on a number of case studies.

P.S. Even the various Fico models score the same data in your file differently [ e.g. Fico 8 compared to Fico 4]

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Well, I gave it more than a year thinking I would get used to the new CK, and I still hate it.

The thing I miss most of all (besides an accurate score - I have applied for loans and know this score is not remotely similar to my real score) is the little graph that used to show my credit history. I escaped a financially abusive marriage several years ago with a score in the 400s. I have been working so hard to rebuild my credit and seeing that graph go up was such a huge encouragement to me.

Now it seems like I come to CK every once in a while and all I see are ads for credit cards. There's nothing useful here any more.

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Enter Your ReplySaame here; I had a 710/730 rating.  Now it is 704/708 and not a thing has changed for me as I am lower on car and all the insuraances we Must buy now leaaves me scratching my head.  I will seek my FICO scores as a reference instead.

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I like the new score model. There have been many times where I got my hopes up with the FACO score that these sites give you only to walk into the lender's office and get shown a score 70+ points lower. I wouldn't consider this new site a drop in your score (It hasn't changed) they are just showing you something closer to what lenders use. You can still click to see what your score is with the old method.

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I agree with you thajenius. It seemed for several "years" I was floating at the 780-790 score. I wondered why the score never really rose, as there were no detremental comments, no late payments, very few inqueries, nothing/nada bad. I have not been viewing the scores for quite some time (no reason). Today I look and I am at 820. That actually makes sense to me. How could I go years, actually my whole credit history is w/o a negative input and hang at the 780 mark. Obviously the change in reporting helped some people and hurt others.In my case though, my score makes better sense to me.

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The new model seems more accurate to me as well. It shows a higher score than the old model to coincide with scores that I get from my credit cards fico scores. The only one that the old CK coincided with was Capital one. So in all I like the new scoring model and hope they can add the last credit score to give all 3 scores.

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it is the vantage score not fico

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