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How can CK be SO different from actual TransUnion score... 698 vs 753?
Someone said it's because CK calculates the number differently and it is only a good estimator, but I say it's not even a good estimator... 753 from CK that is suppose to be my TransUnion score vs 698 from TransUnion. What is CK doing, giving us the rose colored glasses view? Same thing used to happen with They would give my an excellent number, then I would get hit with the truth when a denial letter would come showing a much lower Experian score. FreeCreditScore is suppose to be giving clients their Experian number and CK is suppose to be giving clients their TransUnion number. Neither one of them do, however, and both have been way high when compared to denial letters that I have received showing the actual score from the credit agencies. So whatever these credit monitoring sites show as your credit score, subtract at least 20 to 30 points and you might be getting close to your real score. As you can see above, I would have to subtract 55 points from my CK score to get to my real score. But oh boy, I feel good coming to a site that shows I have a 753! I'm sure I'll keep coming back just for the emotional experience.
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