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Posted in Auto Loans
BlueHarbor auto loans review
Since BlueHarbor is a CK recommended lender(Offers are under auto catagory ) why isn't there a review tab on BlueHarbor Auto loans to see how others on this site rated the company?
I tried them( their web site states high customer service with a real person) my experience was terrible with them, zero customer service. I then went to the lending tree site got 4 great offers. I wanted to see how others were treated by Blueharbor before you waste a inq.
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complete disaster
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Blue Harbor paid off the wrong lender and did not even know that they did it as their is quality control over their documents.  They had copied down the wrong lender and loan balances and inserted the correct car to be refinanced with the wrong loan balances.  You have to be a masochist to deal with them as the mistakes keep accumulating.  Caviat emptor.

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Reviews online regarding Blue Harbor are most negative.

Why does CK endorse them as a possible option for car loans?

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Because that's how Credit Karma is able to offer free access to credit scores. The normal fees charged by TransUnion for the scoring service are paid for by advertising from providers like BlueHarbor (and all the other offers you see on the site)

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