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Being Added as authorized user days almost over.
The Credit Bureaus have caught on to folks being added as a "authorized user" on someone else account.

Few weeks back purchased my FICO Scores from to see what my FICO Scores were. Was hopping for higher scores but happy where they are at.
759 – Experian
756 – Equifax
763 – TransUnion

While reading the reports noticed that the TransUnion report showed my Oldest Account was 20 years and 6 months as I expected, but the other 2 did not report the same thing. Equifax had 9 Years, 1 month and Experian had 3 year, 9 months for Oldest account. I was like how can this be, someone screwed up somewhere.

Average age of accounts was off also
1 year for Experian
2 years for Equifax
3 years for TransUnion,

Thinking something is not adding up here so send e-mail off to and that went nowhere real quick. So it was time to call myFICO up and find out what is happening. Made it thru the menus and Martin was on the other end. Verified all my info and then started in with my question as to the Oldest account. Come to find out that when you get your FICO Score from they DO NOT USE the same FICO Model on the 3 Credit Bureaus information.

FICO Model used
FICO-8 for Experian & Equifax
FICO-98 for TransUnion

Seems the FICO-8 will not average in “Authorized User” Accounts for Average Age of Accounts or for the Oldest Account. ( not sure what else ) It seems to get it averaged or show up as the Oldest account they look at Joint Accounts and accounts you are Primary on only. Seems that “Authorized user” account somehow tossed to the side. ( I could be wrong, but don’t think so )

Looks like my wife’s account that is 20 years plus where I’m an authorized user will be changing to Joint Account to get the history.

Martin at said TransUnion will be moving to the FICO-8 Score, but could not give a date just said it would happen soon, How Soon is Soon? 1 month, 6 months, 1 year? Who knows.

So the days of being added as an Authorized User to someone’s account are already number. For the account to count in your credit score you need to be the Primary person (Individual Account) or it needs to be a setup as a Joint Account to get the boost for the Average Age of Accounts, Oldest Account and would guess Payment History also.

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According to John Ulzheimer, if you can prove a relationship with the primary card holder (i.e. spouse, daughter, son, etc.) then it does count towards your FICO score.  Back in the day folks used to sell authorized user accounts and the bureaus caught on.  

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