Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card

Apply by phone: 1-888-245-9657
  • Get 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 21 months. After that, the APR will be 12.24% - 22.24% based upon your creditworthiness.*
  • There is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer.
  • 24/7 access to Citi® Concierge for help in booking hotels, flights and more.
  • $0 liability on unauthorized purchases and Citi® Identity Theft Solutions.
  • No annual fee*
  • Free access to FICO® Scores*
Annual Fee:
Purchase Intro APR:
(21 Months*)
Purchase Regular APR:
12.24% - 22.24%*
Balance Transfer Intro APR:
(21 Months*)
Balance Transfer Regular APR:
12.24% - 22.24%*

Details, Rates & Fees

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* See the online Provider's credit card application for details about terms and conditions. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the 'Apply Now' button, you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the provider's website.

Cash Advance Rate 25.49%
Cash Advance Fee 5%, Min; $10
Late Fee Up to $35
Penalty APR Up to 29.99%
Balance Transfer Fee 3%, Min: $5
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Return Payment Fee Up to $35

Cardholders' Reviews

The following information and reviews are brought to you by Credit Karma and/or its users. Banks, issuers, and credit card companies do not endorse or guarantee, and are not responsible for this content.
Most Helpful Positive Review
Great card/ Great Company
by anlazzari
Helpful to 247 out of 276

I opened my account almost 1 yr ago with a $2000 credit limit. My Fico was 650 and I have a bankrupcy that is 8 yrs old. I transfed several balances to this card an just paid it off this week. After paying it off I asked for a credit line increase and was granted a $3000 CLI to bring my total CL to 5k. Now my Fico is 706. 

The following information and reviews are brought to you by Credit Karma and/or its users. Banks, issuers, and credit card companies do not endorse or guarantee, and are not responsible for this content.
Most Helpful Negative Review
Citibank is NOT consumer friendly
by Skjaeret
Helpful to 275 out of 316

Alas, my review is of Citibank, not necessarily this card.  I have no doubt that Citibank has many happy customers who use reasonable quality credit, otherwise they would no longer be in business. 

Howevver, with that said, I have struggled with Citibank for three years and unfortunately, I fell into "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."  I blew past twice and kept going back to them because I liked the benefits of my card.

Over the past three years, I have found customer service to be unhelpful and at times rude.  I have found repeated occasions where policy is stated, but cannot be provided in written form, to deny any kind of action on the account from credit limit to APR action.  Citibank will tell you that accounts are only reviewed twice a year, and that certain account actions are automatic at those times (they aren't).  And, if you want to make certain types of account changes, there are only two months in the year that you can do it (not true -- but if you miss those months, you have to wait for the next one).

I have had them provide false information, make unwanted changes to the account without warning and refuse to escalate customer service calls to higher tiers.  I've even had them lose online payments, even though I can provide transaction numbers, and ding the account with late fees (which, by the way, automatically triggers a lockdown on the account, so you can't make any positive changes to it again).  Citibank is also the only card that raised my interest rate for no stated reason, and refuses to lower it claiming they "can't".  To date, my Citibank card is significantly higher than my next highest account, and all other providers are willing to negotiate terms.

All in all, Citibank customer service (not the individual employees) is among the absolute worst that I have ever encountered and although I still possess the card, and will wait for the day when this company returns to the world of valuing the consumer, I am pleased to have paid off my balance with Citibank and maintain a zero dollar balance.

P.S. Watch other accounts carefully -- Home Depot and other cards are actually issued by (or occasionally purchased by) Citibank, and some of those same experiences start showing up on those accounts also.

Sometimes it's not about the card and benefits it provides... sometimes it's about the company that is behind it.  As long as you're aware of it, you can make better decisions should anything go wrong.


Our Take

With low interest rates and attractive perks, the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card is a good all-around choice for consumers with good to excellent credit.

What to Like

The Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card offers a 0% intro APR on both purchases and balance transfers for 21 months, and resets to an interest rate as low as 12.24% afterward. The card also offers 24/7 access to concierge services, which is a pretty nice perk.

Look Out For

There are a lot of perks attached to this card, but a rewards or cash back program isn’t one of them. Keep in mind, too, though that this card has a high penalty APR, meaning one late payment could result in higher interest rates indefinitely.

Similar Offers

† Credit Karma looks at how your credit profile compares to other Credit Karma members who were approved for this product. Of course, there's no such thing as a sure thing, but knowing whether your Approval Odds are Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor may help you narrow down your choices.

‡ Average score refers to the arithmetic mean, typical low score to the 5th percentile and typical high score to the 95th percentile of, in each case, available VantageScore 3.0 credit scores provided by TransUnion of Credit Karma members who were approved for this product from January 2016 through June 2016. Average and typical approved scores are provided as guidelines only and approval is not guaranteed. You can learn more about credit card approval through our in-depth article.

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