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May 04 2017
It worked out for me.
Credit Karma Member

I applied for the Capital One Platinum almost a year ago and was approved with a $300 limit. At the time my scores were TU 502, EQ 530, EX 680. I called customer service after the 4th statement with a question/concern and was upgraded to the Quicksilver and my limit was increased to $400. After the 6th statement my limit automatically was increased to $750, I wasn?t impressed as I was using the card a lot and making multiple monthly payments totaling $400-$700 sometimes leaving a balance of $30-$60 at the time each month closed.? So I just received my 11th statement, my balance was $0 and to my surprise my limit was increased to $3,250. My scores have increased greatly in 11 months, TU 762, EQ 741, EX 763.? The few times I?ve needed to call customer service they?ve always been able to resolve any issues I might have had fairly quick, the times I?ve been double charged I get notified and quickly get my account credited, I find the Android app extremely easy to use, make payments, view monthly statements? The high interest rate doesn?t bother me as I pay my balance off before the period ends but I plan on calling in 2-3 months and ask if it can be lowered.? I?m extremely grateful Capital One gave me chance after I destroyed my credit when I was young and dumb. Hope this review is helpful to many and good luck!?

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Apr 04 2018
As advertised with draconian interest
Credit Karma Member

It has a trigger online that does not allow for payments after 8pm EST. You have to call to put a payment through, they may mark it as late and charge you an additional $25

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Mar 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

Mar 24 2020
Gave me a chance after Bankruptcy
Credit Karma Member

I was approved several months after my Bankruptcy. I might only have a $300.00 credit limit. I have been paying the card several times a month to keep my balance low. Pay on time and use responsibly. I do plan on seeing if I can get a credit increase after 6 months or so.

Mar 19 2020
Awesome Starter Card
Credit Karma Member

I was very worried about applying for a credit card. I didn't have to put down a deposit and was automatically approved. My credit score was 507. I was approved for a $300 credit limit. It's been great in cases of not having money. Never had a declined purchase. Customer service was awesome.

Mar 16 2020
No Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

Their website and features are OK, but their customer service in non existent. You might as well not call them because you won't get anything more than their website with a click of the button.

Mar 11 2020
Not an easy approval process
Credit Karma Member

Don't waste your time. Not an easy approval process although "credit repair" sites promote that it is.

Mar 05 2020
Don’t apply
Credit Karma Member

I applied to this after Ck recommended this card. I should have listened to the reviews. I have a credit score of about 560-570 and I was denied very quickly. I’ve only had one previous credit card that I dropped the ball on three years ago and paid off since. Don’t apply for this card.

Mar 02 2020
Credit Karma Member

I love my card. I’ve established a huge amount of points ,thanks to capital one .

Feb 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

Feb 24 2020
Credit Karma Member

I have had this card in the past and had good and bad experiences with capital one! Great to work with if you have great credit and never miss anything. Once you have one mistake (even if fixed or corrected) they completely shut you down and become the worst people to ever work with. I went through financial difficulties 4 years ago closing everything and have been rebuilding since. They won't work with those who are trying to rebuild!

Feb 22 2020
Credit Karma Member

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Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

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