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Helpful to 601 out of 613 people

I've had this card for almost 2 years and FOR WHAT IT IS, its an incredible asset! I started rebuilding my credit in 2008 with an HSBC secured card with a $200 CL. I never asked for a CLI because all I was doing was putting one tank of fuel on the card per month and then paying it off. This kept me at my 30% goal of utilization and showed a healthy habbit of paying off my debts each month. After a year my score jumped from a 608 to a 670, which is when i applied for this card. I was instantly approved for a $350 limit and enrolled into the Credit Steps program (make payments on time and get instant CLI, etc...) After one year my CL jumped up to $1250 and has recently doubled to $2500. I used this card for all of my grocery/dining out purchases and cleared the balance each month. My score has jumped from a 670 to a 730 (TU/EX)  and I now use a Cap One Venture  (Sig. Visa - $7500 CL) for all of my purchases to rack up miles/points towards travel. I still keep both this card and my HSBC in the wallet (HSBC has a great Credit Monitoring program that allows me to pull my report/scores once a month from all 3 CB with no HP) to keep the AAoA up and to remind myself of where i started and where i am today. 

For all of you complaining about this card having a high APR or a low CL you really need to understand that this card is a tool for people looking to rebuild their credit. If you want a high limit apply for a Visa Signature Card (Chase Saph, Venture, Citi Pref etc..) but you better have a great CS and a good history or you will be instantly denied. For everyone trying to re-build there credit Capital One is a great place to start!

Yogi969's review was:    

  May 22, 2012 Reply

Yogi969(6, 631)

Review by Yogi969

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Helpful to 33 out of 48 people

Sounds a little like a Cinderella "Credit Building" story.....and if it was that amazing, why four stars instead of five? I have a capital one credit card right now, I utilize between 10-50% each month and pay it off when it's was nice for the first four or five months, and then my credit score inscrease completely stopped, even though i still continued to show very responsible credit utilization for another 8 months. They seemed eager to help with building my credit at first, and even showed that they were a little effective in building my credit score for the first few months....but after that, (and it has been about 14 months since I opened the credit line) they haven't had any effect on helping my credit, and surely haven't offered an increase in my credit limit on the card....I'm thinking unless they see some sort of long-term benefit to them, they won't be doing a whole lot in the line of helping out the average consumer.

drm0352's reply was:    

  Jul 14, 2013

drm0352(8, 41)

Review by drm0352

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Helpful to 10 out of 19 people

Then why only a 4 star not 5??????

tbdc's reply was:    

  Oct 13, 2012

tbdc(87, 211)

Top Contributor

Review by tbdc

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Top Contributor

Great card to rebuild credit Helpful to 54 out of 54 people

I have had this card for little more than 6 months and have made great gains in my credit score with it.  I started out with a score just under 600 as reported by Credit Karma and a CL of $300 on the card. I kept the utilization of the card low and paid on time.  Got the $500 CL increase as promised after 3 on-time payments.  My Credit Karma score has jumped to 660 since then.  My son has had the same experience with his card also. He has gone from a Cedit Karma score of 620 to about 700 in the few short months he has had his.  Can't really comment on the customer service since I have never had the need to contact them.  We are able to pay bills and review purchase history on-line and through apps on phone.  I would highly recommend this to anyone starting to build or rebuild credit.  Most important thing is to keep balance low and payoff each month.

bspring182's review was:    

  Apr 27, 2013 Reply

bspring182(1, 54)

Review by bspring182

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Good card, mediocre customer service... Helpful to 44 out of 44 people

I've had this Cap 1 Platinum card for a couple of years now... I had some medical related credit issues years ago and have spent the last several years re-establishing my credit. As I banked with Cap 1, I applied for the card and was approved with a $500 limit (credit score was VERY low 600's). After using the card for 90 days and paying off 90% of the balance each month, they raised the limit to $900 without a request. After 6 months, the limit was raised to $1250 and after a year of keeping utilization at less than 20%, the limit was raised to $2500. Yes, the interest rate sucks at 18.9%, but I don't carry much of a balance anyway. Customer service is very 'iffy' if you have a telephone query about nearly anything and the level of service varies widely depending on who happens to answer the phone.

BigTimTX's review was:    

  Feb 07, 2013 Reply

BigTimTX(1, 44)

Review by BigTimTX

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Helpful to 11 out of 11 people

Thank you for posting this, btw.  It serves as a good measure of how I plan to use the card in the future.  I just applied about a month or so ago and was approved (I'm rebuilding my score from the high 500s). 

I had the same issue with the customer service.  Their website was down, recently, and I still had a day to make the payment and chose to do a telephone transaction (the app was down, as well). 

I'm glad that I got a confirmation number, because I was charged a late fee even though the payment processed on time (I made the payment on a Friday, the bill was due on Saturday, the payment should have processed overnight and reached them by Saturday morning). 

I had to end up doing an additional chat session with an agent who had no clue that the website was down or that I even made a payment until after I gave her the confirmation number.  She then started to realize what happened and that I should have never been charged a late fee in the first place before saying that they are aware that there was a transaction issue. 

Otherwise, the card has been great. 

Also note that you can't JUST activate the card, online.  I did and then tried to use it the next day to no avail.

Come to find out, you have to CALL the number on the card's sticky note so that they can OFFICIALLY activate it over the phone while also trying to offer other services like Credit Reporting. 

So in summary: Card - Good!; Customer Service - Semi-knowledgeable.

lmlewis517's reply was:    

  Jan 12, 2014

lmlewis517(2, 14)

Review by lmlewis517

2 Contributions 14 People Helped

Short and sweet Helpful to 37 out of 37 people

Ran into some trouble and had a bad credit score. I tried out this site for my wife and I to get an idea what was going on creidt wise, charge off's, public records remarks etc. End result I saw this card as a good chance of approval for my wife with a 640 score and she was approved for a $900 limit which should go up when we make 5 minium payments. I figured why not and applied at 590 and was approved for a $300 limit. I did expect being approved for anything.  Same thing 5 payments and a raised creidt limit. We just use the cards as gas card maybe 50-100 a month charged on them. Lost a few points for the hard inqury immediately and a few months later the credit scores went up higher than they were to start with so win win around. Don't get your hopes up because neither of us made any huge jump in our credit score but it's a start.    

creephhi's review was:    

  Aug 16, 2013 Reply

creephhi(3, 53)

Review by creephhi

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Helpful to 7 out of 9 people

Update wife's card got a raise to a $2500 limit and my card got bumped up to a $1800 limit. Nice those are workable numbers. I put a set of tires on my wife's card and the next month it received a $1500 limit increase and I'm not sure if the two are connected. I just have been using mine as a gas card so about $100 a month was charged on it.

creephhi's reply was:    

  Nov 26, 2013

creephhi(3, 53)

Review by creephhi

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Helpful to 9 out of 13 people

Wife recieved a credit limit increase but it only turned out to be from 900 to 1000. LOL. She also got a Sam's club card and a barclays. End result she has a 654 trans union rating now. That's enough new credit for now next up would be a car loan. 

My credit rating went from 590 to 610 and the vantage score went from F to D so I would say everything is going well for now. I'm going to try and get another card soon because next year a bunch of stuff drops off my credit report but that will leave me with no credit so the idea is to get enough credit going that when the bad stuff falls off my credit will get back to decent. Trying to pull off a car loan next year at the going rate not the bad credit rate. I also changed to a local small bank figuring they might actually care about my business. The big banks don't care it's just a matter of typing numbers in to a computer and seeing what comes out. Car dealers will find you a loan but who knows how bad the terms might be. I'm figuring a local bank would actually think about giving me a car loan on factors that don't show up on a credit report. We will see. 

creephhi's reply was:    

  Sep 23, 2013

creephhi(3, 53)

Review by creephhi

3 Contributions 53 People Helped

Great! Helpful to 26 out of 26 people

I've had this card for 10 months now and I can honestly say that I'm pretty happy with this card. I was approved and my credit score was HORRIBLE! I wasn't even a member of Credit Karma before I applied, so I went off of my gut. I do know that my credit score was below 585. It doesn't come with any benefits or rewards, but I'm not that much into rewards as much as I am just improving my score. They initially approved me for a credit limit of $300 and increased to $500 after six months and I didn't even know it. Their customer service is outstanding! I usually call them at 6 AM EST when I go to work and they are attentive and they always handle my situation correctly with no worries. I most certainly reccomend this card. With a 0% intro APR for the first year, that was a bonus. But after this year passes, I most likely won't use this card as often. My credit score jumped 44 points in one month. 

Time of Application

Credit Score: <585

Income: $22K a year

Age: 21

Credit Inquiries: Maybe....4?

One account in collections. 

Capital One is very understanding and they took a chance with me. I'm really happy.

Harsh15's review was:    

  Oct 05, 2013 Reply

Harsh15(1, 26)

Review by Harsh15

1 Contributions 26 People Helped

Insight for those like me: Helpful to 18 out of 18 people

I just got accepted for a $500 credit limit on the spot. My Credit Karma score was a little shy of 700, but with no previous credit cards. Very little credit history, with school loans (no payments toward them yet, still in my grace period). Fairly low rent and decent yearly income. I hope you may find this helpful.

mtrmrtaw247's review was:    

  Aug 09, 2013 Reply

mtrmrtaw247(1, 18)

Review by mtrmrtaw247

1 Contributions 18 People Helped

Great card, great service Helpful to 39 out of 42 people

I applied for this card when my CK score was around 600 - I have a few accounts in collections, mutiple hard inquiries, and a great deal of studen loan debt.  Irresponsible use of card in my early 20's really messed me up but I am on the mend, and was looking for a universal card.  I already had an Old Navy card with a $200 limit.  I was instantly approved for the Capital One Platinum card with a $500 limit.  I got the letter that I would be in the credit steps program, and after 5 on-time payments, my CL would increase.  Boy did it ever!  They raised it to $2500!  I was stunned after all the reviews saying they only go up to $750!  I have carried a balance since I have had it but my payments are always around $100 and on time so I guess I did something right!  So to the naysayers, I am not sure of your situation but it is possible to get a higher increase.  I am thrilled with them and will continue to use them.  I hope to upgrade to a rewards card in the future, as I continue to work on raising my score. 

tdobso02's review was:    

  Mar 01, 2013 Reply

tdobso02(1, 39)

Review by tdobso02

1 Contributions 39 People Helped

Approved for $2,000 - CK score 614 Helpful to 14 out of 14 people

I applied in an effort to rebuild my credit following a Ch7 aprox 7 months ago (cap 1 inculded) -- was automaticaly approved for $2000 -- I wasn't even expecting $300, so imagine my surprise!  Obviously, I will never even use a fraction of that limit, but I thought the process was very easy and straightforward.  I really feel your income is a huge factor in the approval process, so I would keep that in mind along with your score when applying.  I don't carry a balance over about $25, so the interest rate means very little to me.  

jnc84's review was:    

  Jul 18, 2013 Reply

jnc84(1, 14)

Review by jnc84

1 Contributions 14 People Helped

Approved with a CreditKarma score of 608 Helpful to 18 out of 19 people

My Equifax score is around 544 (much lower than the other cb)

I know this card is not the greatest from what I have read, however, I have 2 Capital One cards in the past that both became judgments on my credit and were paid as charge off. So I really did not think that CapOne would approve me. I applied to day after paying off all debt except one collection item and 30K in student loans that are deferred.

I did however have my husband add (authorized user but still reporting on my credit report) me to his WFargo Credit Card which he has had since 2008. This may have helped a little.

Thankful for the opportunity to start building my credit again. I will update this review after using the card for 6 mo with my credit score.

keprune's review was:    

  Apr 01, 2013 Reply

keprune(2, 18)

Review by keprune

2 Contributions 18 People Helped

Happy with my choice Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

had card for 5 months, intial CL $300.00 just got an increase of $3000

ronica247's review was:    

  Mar 10, 2014 Reply

ronica247(1, 9)

Review by ronica247

1 Contributions 9 People Helped

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