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  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 24.99%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $0
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 24.99%* Variable

Most Helpful Positive Review

May 22, 2012
Yogi969 Cardholder

I've had this card for almost 2 years and FOR WHAT IT IS, its an incredible asset! I started rebuilding my credit in 2008 with an HSBC secured card with a $200 CL. I never asked for a CLI because all I was doing was putting one tank of fuel on the card per month and then paying it off. This kept me at my 30% goal of utilization and showed a healthy habbit of paying off my debts each month. After a year my score jumped from a 608 to a 670, which is when i applied for this card. I was instantly approved for a $350 limit and enrolled into the Credit Steps program (make payments on time and get instant CLI, etc...) After one year my CL jumped up to $1250 and has recently doubled to $2500. I used this card for all of my grocery/dining out purchases and cleared the balance each month. My score has jumped from a 670 to a 730 (TU/EX)  and I now use a Cap One Venture  (Sig. Visa - $7500 CL) for all of my purchases to rack up miles/points towards travel. I still keep both this card and my HSBC in the wallet (HSBC has a great Credit Monitoring program that allows me to pull my report/scores once a month from all 3 CB with no HP) to keep the AAoA up and to remind myself of where i started and where i am today. 

For all of you complaining about this card having a high APR or a low CL you really need to understand that this card is a tool for people looking to rebuild their credit. If you want a high limit apply for a Visa Signature Card (Chase Saph, Venture, Citi Pref etc..) but you better have a great CS and a good history or you will be instantly denied. For everyone trying to re-build there credit Capital One is a great place to start!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 06, 2016
Does what it's supposed to
sammieesunshinee Cardholder

This was my first card I applied for and was approved for during rebuilding my credit. I was approved for the smallest limit ($300) but I was just happy to be approved for something. After completing the "credit steps" program, I received an auto CLI to $500 which bummed me out because I really thought it was going to be bigger, but then a month later received another auto CLI up to $2300. Only complaint is since they're for rebuilding, the interest is super high so definitely don't want to carry a big balance for long. I dont use this one as much as my Quicksilver One because there are no cash back rewards, but I keep it to help my credit. Thanks for taking a chance on me Cap1 :)

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Oct 21, 2016

I didn't think I would get approved but I did. CL is only $300 but my credit score was 585/ I'm shocked that I got it. Take a chance on this one!

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Oct 20, 2016
Approved for $3,000!
BG120177 Cardholder

My credit score was at a 640 when I applied and they approved me for $3,000 right online. I got the card right away and used it but made sure to pay my bill ontime and more than the minimum amount due. It now jumped my credit limit score from 640 to 686 within 2 months. This also allowed me to get approved for 2 other cards after that due to my ontime payments. I love this card. No complaints at all.

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Oct 20, 2016

They just denied me ,,what a joke thanks for recommending credit karma as you now decrease my score

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Oct 19, 2016
Waiting on Limit Increase, Hard to Pay
AdamVanLewen Cardholder

Had this card about 6 months now. This card is really nice, and the app to manage it is pretty easy. Apparently, you have to wait for the SEVENTH cycle for the limit increase to reflect. I hope it's a big one. One thing I hate about this card is that it takes until the next day for a payment to post. Really stupid if you want to make another large purchase and not get close to the limit. You can call in and force them to take the payment same day, but they have to get on the phone to your bank. Pretty awful. They need to be like Chase and do everything immediately. However, the card is realy nice looking and does its job. 

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Oct 20, 2016

If you're in the credit steps program go ahead and request a credit limit increase if you get it, you'd still get an increase at seventh cycle.

Oct 21, 2016

Your payment will reflect the same day if you use a debit card from your bank to pay on your balance. I pay using my debit all the time and it is reflected immediately on my available credit.

Oct 19, 2016

Credit Karma tells your your odds are good enough to get the card but then you apply and get denied. Not you have yet another hard inquiry added to your credit score.... thanks!!

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Oct 19, 2016

I applied w/credit score  611-612 and denied

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Oct 18, 2016
Basic and useful.
Anonymous Cardholder

This is a good card. Very basic. There's no benefits from having this card. I'd rather have some kind of reward system for certain purchases. But if you just want something to build credit with, this is the card for you. Good starting limit, the limit will raise every 6 months. I like the mobile app and the credit tracking aspect as it's very thorough. This was my first credit card so I think it's just time for something more tailored to my needs. Good for younger people learning how to use a credit card. Pretty high interest rate though. 

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Oct 18, 2016
LySp Cardholder

Great for building credit - I'd been living overseas for years and had no open credit and only a fair score. (640) Started with a $500 limit which they bumped to 5,500 after 5 months. Reports to all three credit bureaus each month. Due to the high interest, I paid down nearly in full each month, carrying a balance of $5-10 just to show use. Their mobile platform is nice and clear, although sometimes their payments take a few extra days to post and the balance updates to your credit report prior to your statement due date, so I usually pay a full 10 days in advance. No annual fee so I plan to keep this one open in the background for years to come. 

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Oct 21, 2016

If you pay on this card using a debit card (call the automated line) the payment will immediately reflect on your available balance. If the payment is made before 8pm EST you will see the deduction of your balance the next morning.

Oct 18, 2016
GeorgiaLife Cardholder

I got this card in April of 2016 with. Score of 580. Since then my credit line has went from $300 to $1300. My score has went from 580 to 670. I only asked for one CLI and they gave me $500. Then 3 months later they gave me another increase. This is a great beginner card. I only use it for emergencies and then pay it completely off.

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