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Original creditor agreed to have account removed from credit report, but collection agency refuses?
I had Comcast last year and our internet and cable stopped working, so they sent out an employee to fix it. We lived in a side by side house, so our house was connected to our neighbors house. Instead of fixing our cables in the cable box, the guy removed my neighbors wires and hooked them up to ours and told us it was fixed (which I was later told was illegal?). It wasn't until our neighbor called us ****ed off that their internet and cable wasn't working, and they go to check the box and see their cables attached to our cable and internet, that we realized what he did.

We explained that Comcast was over, and he must of done it. I had had so many issues with Comcast previous to this, so at this point I was so fed up, so I called Comcast and cancelled. They told me not to cancel yet, that they spoke with the technician and he admitted to doing that, and they said he was suspended until the investigation completed. They also told me I didn't owe anything until the investigation completed. Then a few months go by, I called multiple times to follow up with the situation and they kept telling me they were looking into what to do and just wait, and then I get a letter from "Diversified Consultants" stating I owe $253.52 on behalf of Comcast. I called Comcast right away, and they said to disregard the letter, that I do not owe that amount yet, and that someone must of saw that I had an outstanding bill and didn't read the notes on my account that I didn't owe anything until the investigation was done. So I keep waiting, and I get a notification that it was put on my credit report. I called the collection agency and explained the sitation, and I said I will call Comcast to have them explain to you what happened, it's not supposed to be on my credit report, and the girl said it didn't matter, they would not remove it because they don't have the ability to remove collection accounts that are considered utility accounts once they are on there. She also said that if I didn't pay them right then, she would report that I am refusing to make a payment. I said well that's a lie, I specifically said I would pay today, but I wanted to talk to Comcast first because i'm not even supposed to owe this, and she said she did not care, and if I hung up the phone without paying them in full, she would report that. So she admitted she would lie, if I didn't make a payment. I recorded the whole conversation with my computer. I hung up, and called Comcast, and I said, I feel like your "investigation" is bull****, and that it's not even happening, because the amount I was told to NOT pay, is not in collections on my credit report. On that day, February 27th, 2017, I asked if I paid that amount anyways in full right then, would they have Diversified Consultants completely remove the account from my credit report and they said yes. Since then, I have chatted online so that I have proof of the agreement, and have been told a good 10 times that they are having Diversified Consultants remove it, and nothing has happened. I disputed the information with all 3 credit bureau's three times, and even provided the chat logs with Comcast agreeing it should be deleted, with chat reference numbers to back up the conversation, and it still won't be removed. I am getting beyond frustrated, so I thought I would reach out for opinions! Thank you in advance :)

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