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Judgement on Credit report, never got a letter, how do I get it removed?
have a Question I hope you can help me with. In October of 2013, I checked my credit report, disputed a few items, then made a list of debt, signed up with Credit Karma, worked with the tools they offer. I had enough money in my savings to start paying off my debt. I started with the largest debt, a credit card from Wells Fargo, they sold the debt, to a collection agency, I called agency they told me the debt was in there legal department gave me another number to call. I called spoke to them, they told me an amount that was almost $2300.00 higher than the original amount due on the credit card. I was expecting a higher amount but not that much. The collector said she was authorized to accept $5750.00 , this amount was almost $800.00 lower than what she said I owed. Liked suggested in Credit Karma's article's, I asked her I would like a letter stating this debt is paid in full, and she said yes I can do that, I paid it right then and there over the phone. Two weeks later, I still had not received the letter, she told me well fax me a copy that this has cleared your bank account. I blacked out my SS# and other info, faxed a copy. With in 24hrs I had a letter stating this debt was paid. One month later I received a letter in the mail from my local court house. Inside is a paper with a court stamp, and the title of the legal paper said "SATISFACTION OF JUDGEMENT"? NOT ONLY was I shocked, I had no clue they had filed these papers to request a Judgement I have never been served papers, not only did they have a hearing and a Judgement was entered due to default, back in March of 2013, I did not know this. I paid of "Debt" in November 2013. The collection agency filled out and filed a "SATISFACTION OF JUDGEMENT" HAD there signature notarized, and filed this paper of my behalf??? all of this was done with out my knowledge that they had filed any papers in the first place. Now here we are in January 2014, I am checking my Credit Karma, because I have previously made a plan, using your tools. They check my score. It is now lower, by almost 30%, why because the collection agency that I just paid off, the one that filed these papers, has now reported to the credit bureau that I have a Judgement against me, not a satisfied one but a judgement? I don't get it it's the same collection agency that I paid, oh and they are also now reporting $668.00 a new debt owed to them ???? I really don't' understand, I am really trying to clean up my credit pay my bills on time, and wham...they come thru the back door and stab me...what can I do, I feel this was a dirty trick??? Thanking you In Advance, for any and all solutions to this situation.

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