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How to remove late student loan payments from my credit report while they are in deferment?
I submitted a deferment for my student loans in April 2012 and I received a confirmation that the institution had approved my deferment request. But in the last few months I kept getting student loan bills and found it strange since my deferment was approved. I then did some research and found out that I had to submit a student loan deferment through the actual federal lender. I submitted that and was approved earlier this month, December 2012. But now I look at my credit report and notice that my credit score is low due to the late payment posts from my student loans. I want to know how I can get the late payment posts removed now that my loans are in deferment?

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Its a slow Process but I hope this Helps

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First contact the servicer/lender. Provide documents to back up your case as to why the late payment should be removed from your credit report( Make sure you have a cop of each  report) . If that goes no where, file a dispute with each credit reporting agency. IF THAT DOESNT DO ANYTHING... File a complaint against your servicer/lender.

This helped me. I have been fighting for two years to remove a 90 day late payment from three of  student loans. I was in school at the time and i noticied them but they did nothing. I didnt realize I had a late fee until I pulled my credit report..

This should help. As soon as I made the complaint , I got an email from my servicer  and was told they will investigate it within 5-7 business days. i provided the ness. docs and it will be removed soon!

Good LUCK!

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This is ruining my life, I lost the house I was in contract to buy right before it closed. Now I am stuck, and someone else bought the house it took me 2 years to find! My credit went from 760 to 460.. 300 point drop form a 90 day late. Filed disputes with Credit B's provided with documentation saying that Fedloan must UPDATE their information even if it was once accurate came back no good. Fedloan account is  in retroactive forbearance. The dates showing lates were covered by the forbearance so how can I be late if they approved to delay payments for those months??. Fedloan rejected my request to remove it by saying the forbearance application date was after the 90 days late had happened. This is seriously effecting my life, already lost the house, now my car is breaking down, and cannot get approved to get another one. Someone please help, really need some advice I don't know where to go from here. I did read this earlier today and I am thinking of filing disputes again based on this arguement..

 (got thing back from loan saying couldn't do it bc of application date, however the Sec. 464(h) of the HEA, as well as correcting a reported delinquency to reflect the application of a backdated deferment and forbearance that converted the original period of delinquency into a period where no payment was due (Sec. 463( c )(4)(A) of the HEA states that an institution "shall disclose promptly to such credit bureau organization any changes to the information previously disclosed" clearly doesn't identify applicate DATE, only application of forbearance, in which my case was granted and retroactive)

Someone please help...

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You should get the services of a credit repair company. Try Lexington law.

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I am in the same boat...

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Just recently showing in my CreditKarma file is late paymebnts for deferred student notes.  How do I correct?

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I was told that the late student loan payments can't be removed at all, I spoke to my student loan service and I was told the late payments will be on my credit for 7 years. I can't believe that is happening, when I moved from South Dakota to Florida back in 2014 I thought I was going to find a job quickly but it turned out to be that it took over a year to get employed but now I feel lost that I practically have no help with this. After that I didn't return back to school until Januray of 2016 and that's when my student loans became deferred, so now my credit score is super low due to that. I've read that a good will letter will help at some point and to be honest I had a life situation that made me move to Florida, I need help with this. I hired Lexington law but I was told they were not able to remove them, I cancelled them because I didn't see an improvemente in my credit, could someone give me an idea on how I can go by fixing this, or if it's even possible?

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Good question..i also want to know this

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I was in the army and my paymetns were supposed to automatically come out of my pay but werent and i didnt find out until 27 missed payments, my loan did not default but i am back in school now and its defered.  I tried to contact the company of my loan GREAT LAKES,  They told me TRANSUNION should be able to take it off but they just keep giving me the run around.  Like i said when i got out a year ago i started making payments and got back into school, loan is in the posative and no default yet they wont take it off.  Some good advice would be appreciated

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