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How to remove bankruptcy from credit report
My bankruptcy was final in January 2004 beore the new laws went into affect. As of then, it should drop off after 7 years, not 10. It has not dropped off. How do I get it dropped off? Aren't I grandfathered in on the old law, not the new?
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Chapter 7 bankruptcies remain on credit reports for TEN years not SEVEN.  Chapters 11, 12, and 13 remain for SEVEN not TEN.  If you dispute the bankruptcy remaining, order your free annual credit report from  Once you get access to your reports, dispute whatever you want, hell all of em if you can.  If they dont respond in 30 days, it automatically falls off and the score rises.  Good Luck.

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 what chapter BK is it? chapter 7's should fall off in 7 years from date of discharge, so it should have fallen off in jan 2011.. have you tried disputing this with the credit bureaus?

start wiriting dispute letters to all 3 credit bureaus, and see what happens, the worst thing that can happen is they tell you to wait.

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