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How much will my score go up after a bankruptcy is removed from credit report?
My bankruptcy should be off of my credit report by February 2011. I was wondering how many points should I see my score increase.
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depends upon how old the bk is. if recent, 100 points, if old 6 years, not much. a friend of mine has her account over 700, 18 months after discharge. make sure all of the old accounts included as part of the bk are reported correctly. those will hurt you more. make sure they are reported as discharged thru bk. if not, dispute and demand they be removed

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that depends on several facotrs and isnt something anyone can just guess at... MIne went up 60 points, after I got rid of a CHap 7 BK, but yours may go up 100 or more...

Every person is in a unique position, and will have different results.

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