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Continental Finance Matrix Unsecured Card - OFFER EXPIRED

  • The Continental Finance Matrix Unsecured Card enables individuals with average or fair credit scores to receive a major credit product.
  • With this card, you will have access to millions of merchants as well as be able to make purchases over the phone and Internet.
  • No application fees.
  • Use your card at locations everywhere Discover® is accepted.
  • Build positive credit by making monthly payments on time.
  • Free online account access 24/7
  • Fast and easy application process; results provided in seconds

Average Approved Score Purchase Intro APR Purchase Regular APR Balance Transfer Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR
Typical Low: N/A
Typical High: N/A


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Offer Details:

Cash Advance Rate

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Annual Fee


Late Fee

Up to $35

Cash Advance Fee

5%, Min: $5

Balance Transfer Fee


Saving Details

Saving Details

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Balance Transfer Cost




Interest Savings on Transferred Balance




Interest Savings on New Purchases




Value of Rewards on New Purchases




Value of Bonus Points




Annual & Application Fees






Total Annual Savings




Total Savings over 3 Years


Credit Card Usage Profile

Transfer a Balance
  • Balance to Transfer: $2,500
  • Monthly Paydown: $600
  • APR: 21.99%

Earn Rewards

  • $1,000 Monthly Spending
  • $45 Gas
  • $75 Groceries
  • $20 Travel
  • $50 Restaurants
  • $50 Entertainment
  • $760 Other

Establish or Build My Credit

Card Details
  • Annual Fee: $75
  • Minimum Deposit: $0

Finance a Large Purchase

  • Initial Purchase Amount: $3,000
  • Monthly Paydown: $60
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Sample Size: 887
Data Created: February 02, 2015

228 Cardholder Reviews

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Most Recent Reviews

HORRIBLE CARD Helpful to 0 out of 1 people


YVETTE515's response was:    

May 16, 2015

YVETTE515(7, 78)

Okay if you know what you're gettinginto

My credit was bad. I recieved the letter for this card in the mail and I accepted it. I read the reviews and knew what I was getting myself into. It's been a hell of a money pit, but it helped me in getting my credit score higher. Now I have good credit and a better card, and I'm cancelling this as soon as I can.

tzindok's response was:    

Apr 07, 2015

tzindok(1, 0)

Steamin Mad

This is exactly what happened to me.  Take heed and make that payment that is due immediately.  I didnt and was hit with a 30 hit on my credit reportwhen I made the regular payment 1 day after the due date on the statement.  Run from this card.  Fast forward Febuary 2015 my online statement said 14.00 balance, 0.00 minimum payment due.  I let it slide and bam I was hit with 30 day hit on my credit card report (should have paid it, just forgot as I knew no payment was due).  When I called they said that there minimum monthly payment is $35, BUT if its below $35 then its the card balance and that I should have known that.  And to top it off, and I am NOT making this up, all of my online statements are gone except for March 2015.  I am really considering taking legal action.  They get you on that first fee when you activate.  Once you activate that $100 is due immediately.  if you dont pay on phone and pay fee, they send statement with a balance due and then a due date for charges other than the fee.  If you pay one day after  due date as listed on the statement they hit you with a 30 day past due on the FEE.  Never seen anything like that before.  activate card and you immediately have a balance due.  I could understand if they added to the bill and it was due on the first statement.  They are a SCAM.  I have 5 credit cards and have been rebuilding my credit for 3 years and I do not have one late payment EXCEPT for these jokers.  Again RUN from this card if you are rebuilding.  Heck run from it no matter what your circumstance.

SteaminMad's response was:    

Mar 27, 2015

SteaminMad(1, 0)


I've had this card for two years, and they charge a lot of fees. $75 yearly fee, $12 monthly statement fee. I've called their retention department several time and get put on hold, or no one asnwers. I just called 20 minutes ago and the customer service rep exact words were: "I think they're all on lunch or something because no one is picking up". What kind of crap is that?! I'm paying them $219 a year plus interest and they can't even answer the phone?! I'm paying this card off and closing it. This has to be THE WORST SECURE CREDIT CARD!

DiMaggio33's response was:    

Mar 11, 2015

DiMaggio33(1, 0)

Absolutely awful, stay away ! ! ! Helpful to 4 out of 5 people

Worst card available. They are absolutely rude when you call and have some of the most outrageous fees, loan sharks have better rates. You have been warned, if you get this card they will bleed you dry. I set up auto payment using my bank account and they dipped in my account 3 times the same month and refused to return money saying instead they would credit towards my account . Again, you have been warned. They suck badly and do not obtain this card. Capitol one secured card is so much better and when you call Capitol one they treat you with respect !

Dec 14, 2014

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‡ Average score refers to the arithmetic mean, typical low score to the 5th percentile and typical high score to the 95th percentile of, in each case, available VantageScore 3.0 credit scores provided by TransUnion of Credit Karma members who were approved for this product from November 2014 through April 2015. Average and typical approved scores are provided as guidelines only and approval is not guaranteed. You can learn more about credit card approval through our in-depth article.