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Capital One® Platinum Prestige Credit Card - EXPIRED OFFER

Offered by: Capital One

Capital One® Platinum Prestige Credit Card - EXPIRED OFFER

Average Approved Score Purchase Intro APR Purchase Regular APR Balance Transfer Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR
Typical Low: 641
Typical High: 755









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Data Created: February 02, 2015

218 Cardholder Reviews

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Most Recent Reviews

jaygant12(2, 1)

This is the only review you should look Helpful to 1 out of 3 people

I recieved this card after my divorce my credit was around 550 something. It doesn't give you any % back ,It did by paying on time give me a better caitol one card 

after 6 months.Did build my credit not really, what it did do was open door's to good credit cards. If you have great credit your not reading this . If you are like me

they have a great app to pay your bill.It was a great starter card. any questions my e-mail is I don't work for them

jaygant12's response was:    

Jun 04, 2015

Jmforever(1, 1)

this item can hold your credit back. Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Cusumer service for me is an important factor and it needs to be improved; before getting this card my credit score was at 745 and now it is at 657 and I made all my payments on time in addition, I spent like 4 and a half hours on hold for a trasaction that I did not make and come to find out for verification and proof of the transaction they want me to mail or fax my id and a letter explaining the situation along with the tranaction date. Capital one does not care for its custumer's, most businesses dont but some act like they care and I have not seen that they care in the slightest. Let me be honest they do have some qualities like low apr and I got approved for 5k but still their is no exuse why it was so tedious.

Jmforever's response was:    

Jun 03, 2015
Overall Ok,.. It's a Credit Card,.. Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

Applied for this card online after several Pre-Approved mailed offers. Instantly approved with $1000 credit line,.. Current Fico was 648 Trans 600 EQ and about 615 EXP... seems like they pulled all 3 or Trans and EQ,.. (Cost me 15 points but i should get them back soon)... had about 75% UTI at the time no recent missed payments but a few baddies over 1 year and lien..  The offer is 0% APR until Jan 2016,.. $0 Annual Fee, and travel insurance etc perks,...No rewards,.. 22% APR after grace period and possible increase after 6 months of on time payments,..  this is my 7th credit card and although its not the best APR or limit (others range from 9%-20% with limits from $1000-5000) I got it to help lower my UTI since my money is kinda tide up.. I'm Gardening my credit for the long hual and hoping for Auto Increases,..  Will Def not carry balance on this one,.. But im happy to be Approved with an ok/decent start,.. as Cap One is known for giving ultra low $300 limits,..   I say if you can get a better card like discover you may have better rate and limit,.. but this one is good for new credit, credit rebuilding,.. or if you just need more in credit... because this one helped me reach $16.5K in credit limits

800ficogirl's response was:    

Apr 27, 2015

TE1Chicago(7, 32)

Some advice for improving your score Helpful to 18 out of 21 people

Capital One Platinum MasterCard: Approved with scores in the 675 range. 


I've been on the "rebuilding my credit" route for two years since filing a Chapter 7 in 2013. The Capital One is the second new card I've been approved for.  First was Barclay Mastercard. I also have an existing eBay MasterCard with a small $700 limit which I managed to hold onto through the bankruptcy, as it was at zero balance at the time. 

I have learned that the percentage of credit used has a BIG impact on your credit score. This is the sole reason I added another card, in hopes of bringing this figure down (and my credit score up).  IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! 

Although I had been paying the full balances every single month on my two existing cards, I have generally been ringing up purchase in the $1,000 to 1,800 per month range. So with a $3,700 limit, I was showing anywhere from 30 to 50% usage. That high of a percentage rate pulls your score down. 

Capital One approved me for a $3,000 limit on the new card. So now that my line is $6,700, I've dropped to the 15-25% usage range.  An additional benefit:  Barclay recently bumped me up another $500 for having been a good boy. So my line is now $7,200; therefore my usage has dropped down to as low as 5-8% in some months.  As a result, my scores have gone up anywhere from 20 to 35 points across the board. Now I'm at 710 on both Experian and Equifax, and 697 with TransUnion..... simply because I added a new card!  

Let me strongly offer these two pieces of advice:  (1) Spread the spending around. In other words, run them up equally, don't heavy up spending on any single card. 

(2) Pay them off in full each month if at all humanly possible. All of these cards have HIDEOUS interest rates, but I'm not carrying any balance, so I'm dodging that bullet. 

One final word: The Capital One card I was approved for is simply called "Platinum."  Not "Classic," or "Prestige," or any of their other producs.  Just regular "Platinum." It has a zero annual fee, which they compensate for by cranking up the interest rate to a shocking 24.9 percent. But again, I'm not paying any interest, so I beat 'em on that shtick. 

TE1Chicago's response was:    

Apr 11, 2015

espybaby(2, 10)

CapitalOne has been in my wallet 4 yrs Helpful to 7 out of 9 people

Never missed a payment, paying tripple the minimum payment due before the due date for 4 years now, carrying half the balance of my credit limit. I just applied and got denied, Credit score 714. Asked for credit limit increase on my current CapitalOne card.....and yep! you guessed it....DENIED!

I was referred by Credit Karma to this website NFL card from BarclaysBank and got approved instanly $4,000 with balance transfers 0% for 15 months if done within 45 days of openning it. AND $0 balance transfer fee. CapitalOne you will be paid off ASAP and no longerin my wallet.

espybaby's response was:    

Mar 28, 2015

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