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Visa® Black Card™

  • Stainless Steel Card – Patent Pending
  • An Industry-Leading Rewards Program
  • Exclusive 24-Hour Concierge Service
  • VIP Treatment at over 3,000 Properties
  • Unlimited VIP Airport Lounge Visits
  • Members Only – Black Card Magazine
  • Luxury Gifts from the World’s Top Brands
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Offer Details:

Cash Advance Rate


Annual Fee


Late Fee

Up to $35

Cash Advance Fee

5%, Min: $10

Balance Transfer Fee

4%, Min: $10

Saving Details

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Balance Transfer Cost




Interest Savings on Transferred Balance




Interest Savings on New Purchases




Value of Rewards on New Purchases




Value of Bonus Points




Annual & Application Fees




Total Annual Savings




Total Savings over 3 Years


Credit Card Usage Profile

Transfer a Balance

  • Balance to Transfer: $2,500
  • Monthly Paydown: $600
  • APR: 21.99%

Earn Rewards

  • $1,000 Monthly Spending
  • $45 Gas
  • $75 Groceries
  • $20 Travel
  • $50 Restaurants
  • $50 Entertainment
  • $760 Other

Establish or Build My Credit

Card Details
  • Annual Fee: $495
  • Minimum Deposit: $0

Finance a Large Purchase

  • Initial Purchase Amount: $3,000
  • Monthly Paydown: $60
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Data Created: October 01, 2013

34 Cardholder Reviews

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Most Recent Reviews

Visa Black card is absolute worst

Visa Black from Barclays is the worst, apr of over 30% penalty, $495 annual fee. Lounge access is a hoax after a while they don't allow you access. Furthermore when I went to close the account they did not post my rewards thus giving me an ultimatum of accepting 495 fees and realize rewards or forfeit rewards. Ultimately closed the account forfeiting reward points.

Apr 15, 2014
Just Approved Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I had heard about the BlackCard from a few friends that currently have this product and the Amex centurion. They all had different experiences with it but all seemed good. I had applied over the phone with relative ease. I am only 24 with but I got approved for a 5k limit, which doesn't seem like a lot. I will be using this card as well as my Amex Platinum since most places do not accept Amex and will see how they stack up comparatively. So far so good though. I had a 711 credit karma score and ok income. I hope the services they offer live up to the annual fee though. 

blake8193's response was:    

  Feb 04, 2014

blake8193(13, 24)

Top Contributor

Review by blake8193

13 Contributions 24 People Helped

Top Contributor

Getting approved Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Does anyone know what qualifications one mush have in order to qualify for this card? I am 24 years old and have an income around 90k. I already have American express and wanted this card for places that do not accept Amex. What has other peoples experiences been like?

blake8193's response was:    

  Jan 30, 2014

blake8193(13, 24)

Top Contributor

Review by blake8193

13 Contributions 24 People Helped

Top Contributor

Excellent rewards and new perks Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I hated this card when I first got it. Average credit line and expensive to carry. It originally came with international transaction fees too! I thought the airline club membership would be nice since I travel internationally but they aren't easily accessible on the flights I am taking. I was intent on closing it but when I was looking at the rewards, especially if redeemed for flights, this blows all the other cards away by double. Plus, this year they started waiving the international transaction fees.

Dec 17, 2013
CEO Helpful to 2 out of 5 people

I use this card frequently, and rack up 50-100k points every three months...those free airfares sure make up for the 495.00 annual fee.

cowboyfsk's response was:    

  Mar 27, 2013

cowboyfsk(1, 2)

Review by cowboyfsk

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