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Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard®

  • No Balance Transfer Fees - start saving immediately!
  • A low 8% variable APR on balance transfers and purchases
  • No Annual Fees
  • Choose your card benefits and features
  • Get rewarded through the new Giveback™ program, where Barclaycard Ring members get money back for good performance
  • Get exclusive access to our online community and vote on the card features you like and view the financials of the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard online
  • Learn more about personal finance from Barclaycard and other members
  • Complimentary FICO® Scores as a benefit to active cardmembers. Opt-in to have instant and convenient access to FICO® Scores from your Barclaycard online account.
734 Average Credit Score Approved for this Card
675 Lowest Credit Score Approved for this Card
Purchase Intro APR Purchase Regular APR Balance Transfer Intro APR Balance Transfer Regular APR









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Offer Details:

Cash Advance Rate


Annual Fee


Late Fee

Up to $25

Cash Advance Fee


Balance Transfer Fee


Saving Details

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Balance Transfer Cost




Interest Savings on Transferred Balance




Interest Savings on New Purchases




Value of Rewards on New Purchases




Value of Bonus Points




Annual & Application Fees




Total Annual Savings




Total Savings over 3 Years


Credit Card Usage Profile

Transfer a Balance

  • Balance to Transfer: $2,500
  • Monthly Paydown: $600
  • APR: 21.99%

Earn Rewards

  • $1,000 Monthly Spending
  • $45 Gas
  • $75 Groceries
  • $20 Travel
  • $50 Restaurants
  • $50 Entertainment
  • $760 Other

Establish or Build My Credit

Card Details
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Minimum Deposit: $0

Finance a Large Purchase

  • Initial Purchase Amount: $3,000
  • Monthly Paydown: $60
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33 Cardholder Reviews

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Most Recent Reviews

Great Card...CANT believe I got approved

8% interest in amazing. CK of 682. Some old charge offs from 2007/2008 that they had some questions about. Had to call their "backdoor number" but gave me a CL of $2000 immediately from calling.

Apr 21, 2014
backdoor success

I applied online and received a message saying that my application was under review, the next morning I called the back door number and was approved for 4k, highest initial limit so far. 

The analyst basically asked me identifying questions,  like some info on my application was incorrect, either way im glad I took peoples advice and called

IBfaboo's response was:    

  Apr 17, 2014

IBfaboo(1, 0)

Review by IBfaboo

1 Contributions 0 People Helped

Denied. Helpful to 0 out of 1 people

Basically I have used my max amount of credit. They said since I have two other barclaycard a with zero balances & that I never carry a balance I didn't need this one. I called the backdoor number for a second look & she said the same thing. I have sufficient enough credit with Barclay so I can't get a third card  oh well

Marichit's response was:    

  Apr 11, 2014

Marichit(4, 2)

Review by Marichit

4 Contributions 2 People Helped


CK 713 approved for 10k CL in 30 seconds. CK stated approval rate as Fair, took my chances and it paid off. Was playing around the credit simulator option and it says my score should go up by 25 points by obtaining a new card. Have about 14% utilization right now, so it will decrease much lower with the additional credit line. Interesting point is that the simulator stated a 20 point decrease in score if I paid off my entire balance, so not sure how accurate this function is, we will see.

Excited to get a 8% rate. 

Dream850's response was:    

  Apr 07, 2014

Dream850(1, 0)

Review by Dream850

1 Contributions 0 People Helped

Great rate! No balance transfer fee. Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Instant approved for 12.5k CL w/ CK score of 745, and total credit card utilization of ~45%.  I'm debt-snowballing my way back to zero balances and have 2 cards with substantial balances and 13%+ APRs.  Applied for card to consolidate, and take advantage of:


8.0% Balance transfer rate.

Free FICO scores are a nice bonus

Intrigued by the community repayments as well.

mslivkoff's response was:    

  Mar 16, 2014

mslivkoff(1, 2)

Review by mslivkoff

1 Contributions 2 People Helped

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