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May 09, 2019
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i have a IRA with navy... SUPERRRRRRRRR... I have platinum Visa, SUPERRRRRRRRRRR 1st card I got SL, $6600. Apped and approved For Cash Rewards last week, Approved $25,000... I also have checking account, savings account, money market, and certificate... All at lowest APR on my credit cards, And Highest rates returns of CD, and IRA... hands down, sooooo much better than any regular bank, etc.... I'm also of member of USAA... And Navy blows them out of the water... My scores are veryyy good, and I keep a wicked clean file... 800's across the board.. DTI, less than 10%... I have a Cap 1 truck loan, I may refi with Navy, but I'm already at a nice rate with them... Although Navy would be .80 % lower...!! Go NaVYYYYYYYYY..!!!!!!! Customer service on the phone is SUPPPERRRRRR EXcellent also...!!!

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Apr 03, 2019
Great People with Great Service
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Treated with respect and dignity. Member for life!

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Jun 10, 2018

I’ve been with grow for 11 years now. They’ve been great. Customer service in person and on the phone is great. They also provide surveys at the end of each call, hopefully all those with bad reviews utilized that option. I’ve never had fees assessed. Your check deposits will be placed on hold if that amount exceeds your current balance. That’s standard to any bank, not just grow. All these negative reviews are misleading. 

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Mar 20, 2019
Horrible Security Department
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I've been a long time happy PenFed Checking customer that would have given them 5 Stars on every website under every category.  Today that all ended today.  

I had an NSF on a small ACH transfer.  I immediately the same day went into to a local branch and deposited $400 cash to cover my error.  I never even complained about the $30 NSF fee.  Now, any check I deposit shows as unavailable funds for 9 business days.  I'm just waiting for my last deposit to go out of unavailable status and I will close my account including my mother's large account that contains her retirement funds.  I spoke with several customer service reps to fix the 9 business day hold, but they all concur in different language that their security department feels they don't need to do anything to keep customers.  That's just bad business.

I would have given them 1 Start, but Credit Karma blocked me from doing that.

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