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Apr 16, 2016
Don't bother. Go with Financial Parters.
Anonymous Account Holder

Or Teacher's First Credit Union.

They won't let you speak with the underwriter (FP will), and they're not up front with information (mainly because they're imbeciles). Customer service (call center) is worthless, unless you want to know how much you have in your account. That's easy, right?

Gladly, I did this research before I bothered joining.

Thank goodness for that.

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Apr 07, 2016
Loving my Credit Union of 25+ years
elJeffe17 Account Holder

I have never recieved anything but exceptional service from Wescom.  From waiving fees(within reason), to the great rate on my Visa, to the 6 (7?) free out-of-network ATM withdrawls per month, to thier great auto financing service,  I have never had a negative thing to say about how I have been treated as a customer, or of the service they provide.  My only complaint, is that they don't issue temporary ATM cards in case of loss/damage.  That's it.  Also, they don't support mobile payment at this time.  Boo Hoo.

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