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Apr 07, 2017
Ten Years WASTED
Hunnib416 Account Holder

I've had nothing but mediocre to horrible customer service experiences every time I've called or gone to a branch. It's like their company policy is to float around like zombies, giving you lip service so that you can hurry up and get off their phone / out their line. Don't even get me started on how they swindle you out of overdraft fees if you have a bill coming through: even if you have enough money to cover a bill, they will push some random pending charge through to get that $35 and make it look like your fault. The only time you can get actual help with even a small matter like disputing a transaction is when you ask for a manager. You can jump through all their hoops and provide all the documents and proof that they ask you for, and they STILL will find a way to not help you. They (or at least their hold music) claim they want to help you build your credit, keep more money in your pocket, and offer you financial services and loans, but even after your years and years of membership and good standing, they will find some excuse to avoid doing just that. Total waste.

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Jan 27, 2017
Could have been better!
Anonymous Account Holder

Had 3 different mortgage plans, 3 different closing dates.... In the end we got the home, but we started out with no down-payment, then having to put $75k down, to "settling" with $25k down. And if you are not married, and buying with a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, prepare to go through the ringer! While our consultant was good enough to make it happen, I almost wish we went with another company, Oh, and we just got notification that our information/mortgage was sold to another company in Texas! BEFORE WE EVEN MADE OUR FIRST PAYMENT! 

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