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Tulsa Teachers Credit Union (TTCU)

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Jul 17, 2016
I just hope and pray TTCU =honest
Anonymous Account Holder

is their savings acct.s really safe? I lost almost all my savings to JPMorgan Chase.  moved what was left to ttcu. now I am wondering after reading reviews by others is my savins safe?

I do not have any loans. there thought maybe a car loan.  maybe NOT.  they should as dishonest as the rest of the bankers.

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Jul 25, 2016

Anonymous, thanks for sharing. Your accounts with TTCU The Credit Union are very safe. We strive to provide extraordinary service for our entire membership - over 120,000 members. Your trust in us is a priority. If you have concerns and would like to discuss them, please contact Member Relations at (918) 749-8828 or email them at Thanks again.

Jan 21, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

This CU will add a 5,000 dollar insurance policy if you have even the slightest gap in coverage.

They will do so repeatedly. They do screw soldiers like the guy above says.  I still owe 30K on a car that financed for 30K in 2012.

Don't get screwed at this Credit Union

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Jan 26, 2016

Dear Anonymous,

We would like to clarify the process for adding insurance to a loan, which is done to protect the credit union in case of damage to the vehicle, and only instances where the borrower does not provide full coverage as required with the loan. Before insurance is added, the borrower receives three notifications that proof of full-coverage insurance is required on the vehicle in addition to the agreement signed at the time of the loan.

After the notifications, one year of insurance is added to the loan. If the borrower provides evidence of full-coverage insurance (at any time), they'll receive a full or partial refund depending on whether there is a lapse in coverage.

After that year, if there still is no proof of insurance another year of insurance is added. The added coverage protects the credit union and our membership. The borrower can file a damage claim too. If you would like to discuss this process in more detail, please contact one of our loan representatives.

TTCU The Credit Union

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