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Mar 16, 2017
Bad call in service, branch is okay
Anonymous Account Holder

The call in service is terrible. In the past year I have tried many times to reach them and have NOT ONCE had anyone answer the phone. The call in service used to be better (several years ago). I even got a call today to please call them--no message as to why. When I tried to reach them, the phone rang 30 times and nobody picked up. This was after hearing the recorded message, and being on hold for an agent.

I have had decent, sometimes excellent service at the Owings Mills branch. But I haven't had satisfaction over the phone in years. If I was rating based on the phone service, it would be one star. Based on the branch service, 4 stars. If it wasn't such a pain to switch credit unions I would have already moved my account.

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Mar 06, 2017
Worst Bank Ever
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst bank of all time. Twice they put a negative balance fee on my savings account with NO notice. I only caught the fee the 2nd time because they left a negative balance in my account --which they automatically moved money from my checking to correct...but could they do that when the transaction failed? No. Will they transfer from savings to checking to make a payment without a fee? Yes. Will they send a notice if your savings account goes negative? No. Will they send notice if your checking account goes negative? Yes. It's absolutely ridiculous to do it one way and not the other. What's the difference? Any sucker who gets caught in it and charged the fees. I am closing all of my accounts with them and refinancing with a different bank or union.

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