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Texas Trust Credit Union

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Application Process

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Customer Service

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Nov 10, 2015
Disservice to the name "TEXAS"
Anonymous Account Holder

It's no better than "big bank America".  I still can't get a handle on  the arbitrary fees and WHY.  (NONE are NSF fees...I know how to manage my money). The  random (and I swear "made up" fees are inconsistent, follow no logical rhyme or reason & all of a sudden there is a "checking fee" that is virtually impossible to "eliminate" no matter how they promote it. The hoops put into place to do so are ridiculous... direct deposit THIS & transfer THAT & don't move money HERE more than X times in a calendar month & make sure you transfer THERE at least X times in a calendar month... like anyone has THAT much time!  I work a full-time job already, manaigng my account to this extent when all I SHOULD have to do is deposit funds & use funds is assinine.  I am looking to refinance my car so I can close all of my accounts with them.  Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!  And I agree with the reviews on it being absolutely UNfriendly customer service. The online banking is a JOKE.  And in 2015, why can't I deposit money at an ATM?  Because no one has time to sit in a drive-thru line for 15 minutes while the reps laugh & chat it up inside.  As for GOING inside, there's never more than 1 teller and they often dissapear in back for 5 minute BETWEEN EVERY CUSTOMER...  it's just too much! 

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