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Jun 13, 2017
Telhio is fantastic.
413Jackson413 Account Holder

I've been with Telhio for nearly 8 years. Honestly, Telhio is what other banks and credit unions should be. Their customer support is superb and their staff are kind and professional. I really could not complain about them.

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Jul 13, 2016
Simple Banking that gets the job done
BuckeyeGuy93 Account Holder

As long as you keep track of your expenses (like any reasonable adult should) you will have no problems with Telhio. There are very few fees and you can avoid all of them very easily. The staff is very personable and a nice departure from the usually stiff bank employees at PNC and Huntington. I see reviews of people on here who clearly misunderstand how banking works and the limitations put on accounts by the federal government, not the credit union itself. For any reasonable person with a modicum of sense, Telhio is a great place to bank.

Simple banking aside, they also helped me out with consolidating my credit card debt and they even let me borrow against a car I had already paid off so that I can keep the interest rate really low. You can really tell that the employees really want to help you out, not just their bottom line. I do wish they had more branches, but thankfully they are apart of Shared branching so I can access my account just about anywhere. Would absolutely recommend this credit union 

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