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Jul 26, 2017

After getting fed-up with SEFCU’s “nickel-and-dime” fee structure and lack of branches/ATMs in my area, I decided to close my account in April 2017. Fast forward to July 25, 2017 when I receive a collection notice for fees due ($175). Access to my online account and my automated telephone PIN had been disabled, so I called the phone number on the notice to inquire further. When I finally was able to speak with a real person (my only option since all other contact methods had been disabled) I was told that account web access, telephone access, and paper billing and account statements are all “convenience features” of an account, and since I owed money, I would not be allowed web access (to pay the balance), or automated telephone access (to pay the balance) nor would I be sent an account statement or bill in the mail. How does SEFCU expect anyone to know about a bill, let alone pay it, if SEFCU won’t allow a customer to access their account or submit the customer a bill? The only correspondence I received was a collection notice 3 months after the fact. This is not something I would expect from a home town credit union. I made the right choice in April and I’m proud to do my banking elsewhere.

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Nov 29, 2016
Awful bank all around
Anonymous Account Holder

If you try to use online banking, there's a 99% chance their site is down. On top of that they have ridiculous interest rates. Also, if you try to cash a check have fun waiting at least a week or more for it to clear. More of a business than a bank. Definitely would not recommend this **** bank. 

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Oct 31, 2016
Their customer service is really good.
Anonymous Account Holder

I've always gotten someone who knows the answers to the questions I have.

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Aug 31, 2016
Nothing special, lackluster technology.
Anonymous Account Holder

I have never in all my life seen a bank that has so many online issues. 

Whenever you need to access your account, good luck, they're probably doing online maintenance.

Want to activate your Apple wallet? "Our system is doing maintenance, can you call back in an hour?"

Have had this account for 25 years, the ONLY reason I have it, is because my payroll posts two days earlier than the other banks. 

Seriously. I would not recommend SEFCU to anyone looking for a financial institution. 

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