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Jun 04, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst bank I have ever dealt with. They screwed my mortgage up by a processing error when they converted to a new system. They lost payments that cleared my account. After 6 months of trying to get someone to respond to written requests, emails and unanswered phone calls they still have not fixed my account. As a result of their processing errors they have ruined my credit. They keep saying they will fix but this still is not done. I would recommend taking your money out or refinance your loans. Worst customer service and rude. I am dumping them and possibly seeking legal action. But I will be vocal and let everyone know where I can that this bank sucks run away from them quickly before they screw up your finances too.

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Dec 09, 2015
Anonymous Account Holder

Kind and courteous staff that cannot actually do anything to reolve any issue you may have.  Stay away!

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Nov 30, 2015
Anonymous Account Holder

This used to be a great credit union. Now they are trying to be a big bank with limited staff. Service now sucks and they try to play it off as no big deal. 

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Nov 13, 2015
Good luck reaching a human
Anonymous Account Holder

On a typical day it takes 45 minutes to reach a person in their loans department by phone.  Using an app, such as LucyPhone to call for you can help compensate, but that won't actually improve the bank's customer service availability.   The representative I reached today was courteous and helpful.

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Jan 02, 2014
America's First & Worst Credit Union
Anonymous Account Holder

America's first & worst credit union. I have never had an experience with any business or bank like I have this one. They have caused me undo stress & screwed up things so bad they do not even deserve to be in business. I called them to put a stop payment on a check I wrote from a wrong account & they told me not to worry or waste the money on a stop payment because the check amount was so large that they would reject it for insufficient funds. They told me to go ahead & write another check out from the correct account & send it out to the person which I did via Fedex. Then I looked at my bank account & they did honer the first check for $12000.00 after they took the money out of my savings account to cover it. Now I sent two checks for a total of $24,000 from two different accounts to this person. This bank is totally incompetent.

I was traveling to Florida and went to put gas in my car using my debit card and it was denied and I immediately called the bank 1 minute before their call center closed for the evening and they said nothing was wrong with my debit card and it must be the gas station I was using it at causing the problem. 4 hours later i stopped for the evening to get a hotel room and my debit card did not work there either. I ended up sleeping in my car with my dog in a bad area of Georgia in 85 degrees & 100% humidity because all of my money was attached to my debit card and my credit card was maxed out so  I could not use it. In the morning I called the bank to tell them my horror story and they checked and said Visa fraud locked my card because I was using it out of state and they said the call center should have checked to see if that was the problem and could have unlocked for me so I could use it, but instead I was left sleeping in my car.

There were many other issues I have had that I don't have space to write here but now I am out of state for the winter and they are threatening to close my bank account because they say I am using it for a business which is an outright lie. I have a business account with them already and know the law, but also am employed by other companies on a commission basis and I pay all of my own expenses out of my checking account and this bank is telling me  I am running an illegal business because I am not registered with the state. The state told me I don't need to register as a business because  I work from home and I am employed by someone else so I am not a business. When I set this bank account up I explained exactly what  I was using it for and what types of transactions I was going to run and they told me fine. Now they said on January 8 my account will be closed. Because I am not a resident of Florida where I am now for the winter I can't open a bank account because all of my ID's say New Hampshire. St Marys Bank is now creating a nightmare situation for me and all of my paychecks that are on direct deposit will be rejected and I will be in a real, real bad situation.

I used my debit card at Target with my pin and because of the Target data theft I called St Marys Bank to get a new card but also told them I did not want to get the new card if it meant they would cancel my old one before i got my new card because I was 1500 miles from home and all of my money is on that card. They said it would not be cancelled and I could still use it. Sure enough they cancelled my card and I was locked out of my entire checking account.

Now here I am 1500 miles from their bank and I have to travel back there and deal with this mess. Some winter vacation and happy new year I am having. Thanks St Mary's Bank. I am also filing a complaint with the state of New Hampshire because this Bank should not be allowed to operate like this.

They straightened out some of their mess they screwed up on but closing my account when they knew all the facts up front in full 100% after I gave them full disclosure on how I was going to use and it was for my commission deposits and I had not withheld any information on how I was using it and now they accuse me of running an unregistered business and are closing it is sick. Especially since I do have a registered business in NH and even have my LLC's business account at this bank.

Christmas eve I was using my bankcard to buy groceries for dinner that night and it was declined at the register even though there was thousands of dollars in my checking account. Talk about embarrassing. I left my house with only my drivers license and debit card and could not even get groceries for the holiday dinner and because the store closed just minutes later I could not return to buy more groceries. Visa fraud called 3 hours later & asked me if that was me using my card. Merry Xmas! My card has been denied more than 20 times in the last 90 days when I had funds to cover purchases.

Stay away unless you don't mind having yourself as part of the St Marys Bank Horror Story or enjoy lots of stress and screw ups by a banking institution

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Dec 13, 2013
Pulled my credit twice
Anonymous Account Holder

great customer service, but pulled my credit twice, causing 2 hard inquiries.

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