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Mar 03, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I had Spire for about 4 years.  The first couple of years they were OK, but especially in the last year have turned into the nastiest, most incompetent bank I have ever done business with.  Instead of trying to fix their issues with employees who don't know what they are talking about or improve communications with member, they get upset when you have to call them to report how they screwed up and took your money without justification.  for example, I did not receive my new debit card after my old one expired.  Card services told me to go to the branch and get another one.  I went in and the teller refused to give me one.  So I thought well, I don't have time for their nonsense.  I'll have to get it another day.  Then they charged me a service fee for not having a card at the end of the month.  A $10 service fee.  For a card that they lost and refused to give.  I did get one on the same day they took my $10 but they did not like how often I had to call them to point out their incompetence, to which I say, if you don't want me to call then clean up your act.  I complained to the better business bureau about them and they got ****ed and closed all of my accounts (which had positive balances).  If you want a bank that you cannot trust, then Spire is the one for you, but I do hope you will choose wisely and go somewhere else.  By the way, they did refund my $10 but complained that I complained to much.  Unfortunately, what they can't see is, if you do not want me to call your for multiple issues, stop creating multiple issues that affect your customers, Spire! 

As an aside, Blaine was always excellent in person, but Maple Grove has horrible staff.  Nothing can make up for a bank that lies, cheats and steals.  Spire bank=horrible

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