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Jun 17, 2016
Needs improvement.
Anonymous Account Holder

After 25 yrs with Telco/Sound I got divorced. They would not issue me checks with my current number (made me start over), would not issue me a new credit card, put holds on my account as if I was a new member- humiliating. The manager of one branch is horrific. I also want out of country on vacatin, and after informing them of this they put a hold on my card and I was unable to use it the last several days. I have Sound still, but am looking for another. No appreciation for custoners.

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May 02, 2014
Absolutely Love Sound CU!
Edi35 Account Holder

Have been a member for years, friendly and helpful staff. Application process for loans is easy (have transferred loans and applied for loans). Always a pleasant visit. 

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Nov 17, 2013
Don't waste your time with SCU

My experience with Sound Credit Union has been a frustrating waste of time.   For someone that has an Excellent credit rating that has had previous loan when it was Seattle Telco.  They were not even able to access my credit report when they had my information from a previous loan.  A vast difference before and after.  Suffice it to say there are many good alternatives out there and suggest that you try another lender. 

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Nov 14, 2013
Fee Happy Credit Union
Anonymous Account Holder

after 25 years of banking with Seattle Telco/Watermark now Sound Credit Union I am calling it quits.  Their system of holds renders mobile banking and online banking balances useless.  I have never had deposits take so long to clear (7 - 10 days) and I have never had holds on pre-authorizations stay so long ( a week at least).  This has resulted in a shower of fees and vague explanations from Sound that never matches up to the amounts shown in my account.

I need accurate and timely banking and Sound is a complete failure on both counts.

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Sep 30, 2013
Disappointed in Credit Card Department
Anonymous Account Holder

I've always been told to use a credit union as they actually care about you and are willing to bend a few rules as they aren't run by big exec's looking to make an extra buck. I've had a decent time with Sound and will continue to keep them as my primary bank, but when applying for a credit card I was denied. I've had poor credit and have brought it up almost 100pts yet Sound still refuses to give me a credit card of any type. I'm forced to get a deposit card. I thought credit unions were owned by us and were supposed to be community banks. I'm a little put out about this since I'm stull trying to build my credit back up.

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Sep 08, 2013
Worse Bank Ever! Rates below "poor".
Anonymous Account Holder

When I opened my acct with this bank, I was automatically put on probation for 3 months which means I had to wait 10 days to access monies deposited by check. SOUND CREDIT UNION's banking website is HORRIBLE... personally have not seen the likes of it anywhere! I went online to transfer money from my savings acct into my checking acct knowing that I needed more money in my checking acct to cover any upcoming withdrawals but SOUND CREDIT UNION'S website was DOWN! The following day... the following day!... Sound Credit Union transferred $2.83 from my savings to checking acct and CHARGED ME $5.00 to do it!. They refused to reimburse me for that charge even though it was their flawed system that prevented me from making the transfer myself.

What I HATE most about SOUND CREDIT UNION is that even after 4 plus years of banking with them, they still make me stand there at the counter and wait while they go through my account and look at apparently every deposit I have ever made before they will deposit my check and give me my receipt. If the teller is new... or on rare occassions when I deposit a check from a different source... the teller will ALWAYS call the manager to get authorization to deposit my check! This just sends me up a wall! They know me!!! I have never had a bounced check... I have never had insufficient funds (excluding the one time mentioned above)... I always go inside the same bank... I generally deposit the same check amount from the same source... and I have great credit! WTF!?

Rather than withdraw my money and close out this acct, I decided to use it strictly as a secondary bank acct. for online purchases. Currently, I deposit all my checks and most cash into my primary bank account at another bank which I have had for over 35 years. SOUND CREDIT UNION will never be my primary bank. This bank SUCKS! and so does their customer service.

Note: My last deposit on Sept 3, 2013 was a cash deposit, however, Sound Credit Union did not post or make that deposit available to me until Sept 5, 2013. Hence, this review!


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May 22, 2013
Charged once, charged again
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had this happen to me numerous times now since Sound took over Watermark. The most recent this week. A transaction went through and I hadn't had time to deposit the cash yet, so courtesy fee... understandable. Put money in the next day and today the hold goes through..., guess what... courtesy pay fee and overdrawn. As soon as I have gainful employment again, I am going to leave them... I am tired of it and it is unacceptable. I left a big bank to go to a credit union and then this happens... unacceptable. Avoid Sound.

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May 06, 2013
Looking for new CU
Anonymous Account Holder

This credit union is such a dissapointment compared to the previous I had for years- which was bought out by Sound. The Puyallup branch especially. I was happy there were so many branches compared to Watermark - & was so happy to see one right next to the house I purchased in Federal Way. Customer service is lacking - except in Southcenter branch - and they tell me they need to run a credit check to merge my fiance and I's accounts which are both at Sound and have been for years. Strange. Only positive thing is they have a mobile app.

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Jun 28, 2012

 man can you say BAD this place does not keep track of things very well. Account has been messed up since new loan with them. Never has the correct info. and customer service always acts dumb everytime you call. Notes are not left in account so nothing kept track of. I will be finding a new loan provider asap. I do not trust this place.

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Aug 02, 2012

We appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback and apologize that you’ve had a negative experience with us.  It is our intention to provide the best service we can to every member, every time. We have shared your comments with our Loan Department Manager, and we will do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In the meantime, if there is anything we can do to help, please visit us at any branch, call 253.383.2016 or 800.562.8130, or email  We will do our best to resolve your concerns quickly.

Thank you,


Sound Credit Union

Jun 16, 2012

 We've banked with Sound Credit Union for over 15 years. The service we receive is always top notch. Our checking account has been free since joining.  Our auto rate is the lowest around all three times we've purchased cars over the years. We wouldn't consider leaving our credit union,ever.  

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Aug 07, 2012

Thank you for taking the time to share your review with us.  Your membership is important to us and we always welcome your comments. 

Thank you.

Lynette H.

Sound Credit Union

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