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Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU)

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Jan 03, 2015
Great CU and alternative to big banks
dravannti Account Holder

Funny thing is, I'm a banker for a big bank and I usually use RBFCU for things. I have 2 auto loans and a credit card with them. Auto rates are amazing! They gave me 1.65% on a new car and a 3yr old car with about 155% ltv. The credit cards can't compete with the likes of my discover it, freedom, or citi double cash but they approved me at a time when my credit had some issues whic I'll always appreciate. Unless their are terms I can't pass up, RBFCU will always get my auto/mortgage loans and any other lending products I may need. Only complaint is recently their online chat is always offline, they do reply to message very quickly though but be prepared to wait or get a call back if you call in.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 30, 2014
Too Big and Unpersonal
Anonymous Account Holder

Been with this bank for over 30yrs. They used to honestly care about their members, but now we are nothing but a number. Very disappointed.

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Oct 12, 2016
Sells your mortgage before ink dries!
Anonymous Account Holder

Been with RBFCU for over 15 years... paid off several car loans with them, but never applied for a mortgage with them until summer 2016.

Fortunately we asked the right questions BEFORE it was too late...!!!  

RBFCU admitted they will sell your mortgage as soon as they can --- in fact, they will sell it immediately upon "approval/closing" when possible.

Not exactly what I consider approriate customer care for what would be our single largest financial obligation.

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Sep 14, 2016
Great Customer Service!
MoodyP Account Holder

I have been with RBFCU for over 20 years. Agents are helpful and very courteous I have never had any real problems and if I did they resolved them immediatelly

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Sep 10, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

They charge you a ridiculous "courtesy fee" because their system doesn't post your payment until the next day but ultimately you're at fault for their system being screwed! To top it off they charge you a fee for using your own money to make purchases because they put a hold on it

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Aug 15, 2016
Horrible Fraud Detection
Schodtsl Account Holder

I'd been a happy customer since 2014 but recently my card started tripping their fraud detection and my purchases have been declined. I've been on the phone with their fraud department each day for since last friday ... hold times are about 30 minutes each day. Each time I'm told "We'll reset your card and everything should be fine."

Day 1, declined at a local cafe for breakfast. Thankfully the wnwer was understanding and let me pay later that day. 

Day 2. Online purchases were declined. One pair of short from China, One game from England, one purchase from a nice shop in Palm springs. Declined. 
So, I spend thrity minutes on hold. explain that it was happening again and was assured they'd reset my account and those purchases could then be charged again. 

Day 3, I went online to pay my health insurance and phoine bill. Both declined. I spend another 35 minutes on hold and reach another Fraud rep who says the eact same thing the other two reps said before, "I'll reset your card and in ten to fifteeen minutes you should be able to use it again."

I explained to him that he was using the exact same script the other two reps had used so did he really have any confidence his reset was going to fix it? He had no answer ... "Um Um well it should work."

If this happens one more time ...  I'm moving my accounts.

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Aug 05, 2016
BEWARE One of the worst customer service
00actionsaxon Account Holder

Itshould have been a clue to the horrible customer service when from the moment you open the account you must video chat to someone in "San Antonio" office while implying employees whom actually work in the facility must not be smart enough to open accounts. I have tried several times to report a fraud on my account.... First attempt, I was on the way to a meeting not thinking it would take much time to report, boy was I wrong, 40 minutes later I opted to leave a message with the fraud dept., since I had reached my destination,. the fraud dept. voicemail box was full and the automated system ended the call. The second attempt was through online chat.... she gave me the fraud dept. phone number :| absolutely no help. Third attempt, called the fraud number again, automatically placed on hold for 8 minutes then once again the automated system ended the call. 

There have been MANY other issues but this the straw broke the camels back. As soon as this mess is cleared, you bet I will never do business with this "Union" again. 

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Jun 30, 2016
Something is wrong
Anonymous Account Holder

Something does not seem right about their processing.  They need to be investigated seriously.  

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Jun 12, 2016
Incredibly Frustrating and Badly Managed
NoScreenNameAvailable Account Holder

Because our car loan experience had gone so well, we decided to take advantage of their "too good to be true" (and it was) credit card offer. This has been the MOST FRUSTRATING experience with a credit card ever!   NO ONE CARES!  They are slow as molasses!   While other credit card companies approve you in minutes, allow you to immediately do your balance transfer and get your card to you in the mail right away, RBFCU takes WEEKS!   We applied, and were approved several weeks ago, in fact, almost a month ago!  At the time, we thought we would do the free balance transfer in time to save the interest that would be charged on our other card.  But for some reason, there was more paperwork and we had to go into a branch and then wait again several weeks and go BACK into the branch!  It is now 5 days after my second visit to the branch.  I can finally see the credit card on my account but I can't do anything with it!  There is no customer service available of course and the one department who you can get ahold of apparently only handles website issues (personally, I think have a crappy website where customers can't do anything IS a website issue but I guess I can't expect him to rebuild the stupid website on a Sunday morning).  So, finally, all I could figure out how to do is transfer my credit balance from my new credit card to my savings account (cash advances are the same APR as balance transfers) and then transfer my savings account balance to my personal checking account (at another bank) and then just pay the card out of my checking.  Well, the transfer from credit card to savings went fine but then the transfer to my checking account is going to take THREE DAYS!!!!!   Too bad, 'cause I was in the middle of it so I tried to complete it.   AND THEN another issue!  The transfer was higher than my daily limit and I'd have to do it through secure message or come into a branch!   OMG!!!!!  This is so incredibly difficult.  By the time I get the money to the card I was paying off, I will have been charged the same in interest as the instant decision cards would have charged me in balance transfer fees!  

FORGET THIS CARD!!!!  Save yourself a lot of stress and go with a bank that operates in the 21st century.  RBFCU's processes and operations are so archaic, you will find yourself tearing your hair out.  They just can't compete with the fast pace of today's world.  My goal is to pay off the car and the card and be done with them.  Way too much trouble!  

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May 11, 2016
sps1158 Account Holder

RBFCU posted an after hours payment and rejected the payment due to insuficient funds before i even woke up this morning.ALL OTHER POSTS HAVE TAKEN AT A FULL DAY TO POST.RBFCU SAW A CHANCE TO SCAM me OUT OF 25.00$

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Apr 08, 2016
Charges fees for no reason
Anonymous Account Holder

I had an issue with both this credit union and Paypal. I had some automatic payments set up through Paypal, and if it didn't find money in my account right then, it would check again in two days and not take out any money. The last part is important. I got charged fees whenever these slipups happened, despite the fact that Paypal wasn't even taking any money out of my account. I didn't have a lot of individual incidents like this as, obviously, I try to budget for them, but the couple of times this did happen, being charged every two days for no particular reason was pretty messed up.

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Jan 07, 2016
They stopped caring
Anonymous Account Holder

They used to be great. Something changed.

If you have a comfortable amount of money and rarely have to worry about a dwindling balance, look at the numerous other poor reviews, I believe there's something there to be upset about for you.

If you ever find yourself with a low balance, heaven help you if you have their courtesy pay (overdraft) system. Their online banking systems seem designed specifically to drain you of as much money as possible the moment you go below $0.

First and foremost, do NOT rely on their online banking to give you any indication of how much money you have. Charges, even fully processed charges, will disappear for days at a time, artificially inflating your available balance. I spoke to a rep about that, and no progress was made, though I was told very specifically that if I make a charge for less than my available balance, I will not get charged fees. This was flat out wrong, and I had screenshot evidence from my online bank statements showing this. They did not care.

Secondly, their overdraft system is set up to double dip on transactions. A charge can be pending in their system, lowering your balance, which causes a second payment to overdraft and charge a fee. Once the pending charge clears, it checks again, and since the balance is lower then due to the fee, it charges the account again for a second fee. Each fee is $24. 

Using fake numbers here to illustrate my point easily - if you have $100 in your account, you make a charge of $75, and then a charge of $26, their system works in such a way that both charges are considered courtesy pays. I still don't understand how this makes any sense, but the CS manager was pretty adamant that this is somehow logical. He tried to legitimize this by telling me that, if I had $40 and owed 2 people $25 each, I could not logically pay one of them and not the other.

I was charged $48 for a $0.74 overdraft. I knew it was an overdraft, it was an emergency, I understand that I should be charged $24. How they can sit back and say that this double dipping is logical and fair, I refuse to understand. Their response is always "you can opt out of overdraft", but their NSF fee is the same $24. Based on how the system works, in that same situation, I would not put it past them to have rejected both charges, and I'd still be out $48.

I've spoken to numerous agents about their system. None of them have explained to me how this makes any sense, they just continually skew logic in their favor. I never had any problems with them or their systems until they went through their banking system upgrade a year or so ago. Their new system is atrocious, and all of their agents must be told that it's infallible and to defend it with their lives. As soon as humanly possible I will be closing all my accounts with them and removing any association I've ever had with them. I used to sing their praises, now they're a mess of a scam trying to get people's money any way they can and offering little to no service in return. Their entire online banking system is a fraud, and I would never trust them with my finances again. I'm sorry I ever did in the first place.

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