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Loyal Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I have been banking with PFFCU for about 20 yrs. I got in trouble with a Chase credit card scam and had a bad judgement against me for $18000.00 7 yrs ago. PFFCU continued to trust me and grant me 2 car loans, a personal loan and credit card. The loyalty the bank gave me offered me the opportunity to continue to live my life and raise my credit score to over 700. I will always bank with PFFCU.

Feb 25, 2014 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I have been with PFFCU for about 6 years now and would highly recommend banking with them over these other corrupt big banks. They offer low rates for everything from a credit card to a mortgage to a car loan and many more. Everytime I have a question their customer service is polite and informative. Their website is extremely easy to use and a great tool for keeping track your of spending.  They also have opened more branches located in the suburbs. I have referred many family members to PFFCU and will continue to recommend this credit union. I also feel my money is very well protected, considering it is a Police and Fire credit union. 

Aug 01, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

 I have had accounts with this credit union for at least 15 years and would highly recommend them.   I have had all sorts of loans and a credit card with them.  They are very responsive and helpful if I have a question.  I applied for a home equity loan two years ago by filling out a basic form on their website and had a response within an hour.  Yes there was a more detailed form to complete, but I had the loan within a couple of weeks.  Yes, they do not have a large number of offices, but are adding them around the city as they feel they are needed.   They also now have the option of depositing checks through scanning on your computer.  Much better than any of the big banks.

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  Jun 12, 2012 Reply

princessdaisy(1, 1)

Review by princessdaisy

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Police and Fire Credit Union  is the best. It has been there for me though thick and thin. They were there when I had a great job with the City of Philadelphia and made good money.  I am diabled and living on Social Security disability they are still my bank. They have great rates and low fees.  So go hug a Philly Cop carefully. 

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  Jun 22, 2011 Reply

Finesista(2, 1)

Review by Finesista

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Helpful to 2 out of 3 people

I love my police and fire account i never worry about fee do to low funds or over drafting.  I can check my account online any time and when I need help there response team a extremly helpful. At police and fire i dont fell like just another customer. i highly reconmmand them.

Dec 09, 2013 Reply
Accounts are Not Convenient

It's ok to have a savings account with them because you rarely need to access your money via technology, but stay away for checking or any other account you will need access too.  Their iphone app functions like it was brand new in 1995, but far inferior to other banks and very ,very slow.  You can't deposit checks on your phone either.  The branches are far and hard to get to, for me.  They send me way to much snail mail.  The website was just upgraded, the "look", but the functionality of the actual "banking" section is the same, slow, non-user-friendly thing.  I really need technology for my high transaction banking because it is convenient and hassle-free, this bank fails miserably at delivering this, hence my rating.

Feb 01, 2013 Reply

Their center city and Grant Ave locations aren't bad as far as busyness,the Cottman Ave and south Philly locations were always crowded out the doors! Aside from that their rates are fine.

Aug 15, 2012 Reply

Very poor service provided by the bank. The customer service agents do not have a problem with telling you "I don't know", "you will have to  call next week" etc. They have 1 branch in Center City Philadelphia and the rest are within an 1hr from each other. Deposts at their other "credit union approved/affiliated banks take up to 9 days to process before you have access to your funds. Not so user friendly website that is also a bit of an eye-sore.

Apr 21, 2012 Reply
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Company Overview

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU) provides financial services to active or retired Philadelphia police officers and firefighters, their families, as well as employees of select businesses and organizations. Available financial products include checking, savings, money market accounts, auto loans, CDs, credit cards, IRAs, home equity, and mortgages. Account access is available online using PC EXPRESS, which allows members to check account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, set up account alerts, and apply for loans. Customer service is available by email, over the phone, and in branches.

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union currently has assets exceeding $3 billion and serve over 170,000 members in nine branch locations throughout the greater Philadelphia area.

Company Details

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union

  • Established: NA
  • Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Website:
  • Products: Auto Loans, Banking, Credit Cards, Home Equity, Mortgages
  • Assets: $3 billion
  • Available: Online, by phone, in branches; Pennsylvania

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