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May 28, 2016
Meets all of my needs
dawangprod Account Holder

All the bad reviews make no sense to me. I suspect a lone disgruntled poster, or two, with more time to point fingers than work toward self improvement. Out of over 11 years with them, I have nothing negative to report.

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Jan 21, 2015
Impossible to Contact
Anonymous Account Holder

This company has my auto loan, and it is at a decent rate. I called for payoff amount 3 times to get the answer. they close at 5pm PST and if you need any help or information after that time, you're totally hosed. I had the deal of alifetime on a car at a dealership - they needed to call PFCU to verify current payoff on my vehicle, no one answered for over twenty minutes and the representative who answered the phone promptly told me (and the saleman sitting next to me) that this information would not be availible and that i would have to call the next day to get that info. The delaership was gratious enough to freeze the transaction until the next day (the salesman and financer were both blown away by the lack of help). Call back at noon the next day (saturday), they only work mon-fri. I lost the car i wanted, emberassed myself at the dealership and lost ALL faith with this bank. FYI their call center is not actually ran by the company itself, tehy use an outside source to channel their calls - no one on the phones is of any help. 

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Dec 29, 2014
Anonymous Account Holder

this place is a real joke and incompetence runs amok here!

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Oct 15, 2014
Horrible bank.
Anonymous Account Holder

Reporting against them to the better business bureau. I've had it with their staff and they almost refused to give me my Service Member's Civil Relief Act. Federal Law, as soon as I threatened legal, I got it. This bank is a joke and is butchering my credit. Incompetent staff. 

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Jun 20, 2014
STUCK with Patriot : (
Rainbowcare Account Holder

I have been a customer with Patriot since 1986, when they were called Letter Kenny Credit Union.  They were much smaller and very customer oriented.  I have watched many of its employees move up the ladder.  I have two Mortgage loans that have a HIGH intrest rate.  I have a credit score of over 800,  They WILL NOT refinance these mortgages for me at a much lower monthly payment.  I have never missed a single payment and I have been paying on my 30 year loan for 18 years.  They will not even consider checking into a lower rate, WHY SHOULD THEY...THEY HAVE AN A+ CUSTOMER AND I AM STUCK!!!! IF I pay two payments per month totaling 1700.00 I think I could afford the lower payment of 1100.00  THEY DO NOT LOOK OUT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED TO MAKE THEM WHO THEY ARE T ODAY.  VERY Disappointein this Credit Union.  Look elsewhere....

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May 17, 2014
Anonymous Account Holder

They suck big time. I like how they say i never made a payment but when i call my bank they say "thats funny they already cashed the check".???????. They try to make you pay 2xs the ammount.

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May 16, 2014

Tried three times by phone and received the usual message, ' all agents are busy' BULL ! Will never try them again.

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Feb 19, 2014
Incompetent Staff
ngeraci Account Holder

I switched to this bank when I got married because my husband had been with them for 10 years and I was having trouble with my bank. After trying to get my name switched on my card it took them 6 tries to get it right, one of the cards never even showed up. After raising hell they fixed the error and sent me the correct card. Well not even 2 weeks late I am out to dinner with a friend and they tell me my card is declined. So I go to the ATM to repay my friend for dinner and it says my card is declined and it is being retained. I call them and talk to the manager and they tell me they recieved my card back in the mail so they deactivated it. I flipped out, that was the card that was lost over 2 months ago. They told me the soonest they can get me a new card with the weekend coming up is Monday, today is Wednesday. I am very unhappy with this bank.

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Feb 10, 2014
Terrible Customer Service-Go Elsewhere!
FloJanee Account Holder

I got a car loan through Patriot Federal Credit Union in December 2013.  I was told by the dealership that I was to wait for a payment booklet and that's how I was going to make my payments.  I directly asked if I could make my payments online and was told "No".  I was told that I was to wait for the payment booklet from them.  A month passed and I still hadn't received my payment booklet (I thought it was due to the inclimate weather/holidays).  PFCU called me a week and a half after my car payment was due to inform me that my payment was past due.  I explained to them that I was told to wait for the payment booklet and that I never received any contact information for them.  They told me that I needed to pay before 15 days to avoid a $25 late fee.  I told the representative that I was at work and unable to leave, but I would put a check in the mail.  I asked her to notate in my account that I would be mailing the check from Richmond, VA so that I wouldn't assess a late fee.  The following week I was called again by PFCU.  One of my listed references on my application informed me that she was called by PFCU the same morning.  I was at work when I was called.  I stepped away to return their call.  I explained that I was frustrated  and angry because of the call to my reference to the representative.  I had already communicated with PFCU and told them that I was mailing out a check and they still called one of my references. This is HARASSMENT! I then told her that I mailed the check a day or two after I spoke with PFCU the previous week.  I told her that the check was mailed out prior to the 15 day grace period and that I was given false information by the dealership.  They also were unable to give me my account number over the phone.  This is by far some of the worst customer service I've received.  I received no understanding, empathy or courtesy.  I WILL be getting financing elsewhere. 


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Aug 08, 2013
Great Service on a mortgage refinanance
Anonymous Account Holder

Got a fair market rate and mortgage officer was very knowledgeable and great to work with.

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