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Partners Federal Credit Union

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Mar 07, 2016
online banking is a total disaster

I purchased a vehicle andended up with Partner credit union. Their "online Banking" which is TOTALLY seperate from "ONLINE PAYMENTS?" is a complete MESS. I have not once been able to succesfully make a payment online. nor have I been able to set up funding accounts from which to transfer from. Their "tech support" is completey and totally incompetent because of the automatic lockout system. They can not help you. they can not remove the lockout even though it says CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR ASSISTANCE.. It is BY far and away THEE WORST SET UP I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. and AS SOON as i possibly can i will refinance my loan through a REAL bank "WELLS FARGO" and NEVER EVER EVER  use Parnter Credit Union for anything. I woudnt even try to break a dollar bill for quarters here. GOOD LUCK.

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May 14, 2016

I have been a member of Partners Federal Credit Union for over 15 years and have never experienced anything but great service both online and in the branch offices. It has been exceptional and the interest rates paid are always somewhat higher than the banks and loan rates are always slightly lower. Sorry you had such a bad experience but your review is unwarranted.

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