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Northwest Federal Credit Union (NWFCU)

2.0 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Nov 06, 2016
Spokone1952 Account Holder

Credit Unions are supposed to offer services and interest rates than Banks. I have a long history with credit unions going back 30 years. Was always very satisfied. Northwest Credit Union is a joke.  Their interest rates are way too hgh. Service is terrible Never respond to requests. Stay away. 

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Nov 01, 2016
Worst bank ever!!
Anonymous Account Holder

If I could give zero stars I would! Did mobile check deposit and it says first 500 available now. They over drafted my account saying that it was not correct the available balance. I went I to the bank to correct and you get the same bs as I got on the phone. I had a print out and everything showing what the account showed as the current available balance. I will never bank there again and will let anyone know I see using there card to run as fast as they can away!!!

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Jun 22, 2016
Shady Business Practices
Anonymous Account Holder

Banks actually BETTER than credit union that will sneakily cross-collateralize a loan and credit card.
NEVER open more than 1 product with credit union because they will go into your account without telling you and take your money to make your payments for you without telling you! And if their invasion into your account removing your money overdraws your account it is YOU (not Them!) that pays all the overdrawn fees!! Bunch of bums!!!

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May 13, 2016
Good for people new to the country.
PraSanVar Account Holder

I am new to the country - meaning no credit history. Got approved for an auto loan and the credit card by NWFCU when I was rejected by other banks as I had no credit history.

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May 02, 2016
Edawgone Account Holder

Horrible customer service. They do not work with thier members.  

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Dec 21, 2015
Horrible experience
fbati001 Account Holder

Absolute worst experience I've ever had with car loan. I was excited at first because I thought credit unions offered better deals and services than regular banks but boy was I wrong. I've had loans with Ally Financial and VW Credit companies. Never have I had to call them once during the first month and I've had to call these people 3 times already.

1: Lost/Misplaced my paperwork. Took them almost a month to get the correct monthly payment. They figured this out the day they called me to demand I make the payment of $10. I asked, $10? And she said "I'm sorry sir, I think we're going to have to call you back"
2. They were unwilling to move my payment day a few days ahead because by the time they got their paper work together I had 2 payments within days of each other. I asked whether paying a few days late was a problem and they said no, we have a 30 day grace period so you should be fine. I was over the due date by 5 days and I get a letter in the mail talking about repossession. Are you kidding me?
3. I signed up for automatic payments and they said that because I signed up for automatic payments 4 days after the due dates there is nothing they can do so I will get the same letter in the mail every month talking about repossessing the car.
4. I said "I don't like these letters can we change the automatic payment date then?" She says " you're going to have to refill the entire application again" even though I already verified all my information on the phone with her.
5. Customer service has been horrible 2 out of 3 times. The second lady I spoke to was nice, the other two were disgusting. The last one didn't even let me finish sentences.

I'm refinancing as soon as I'm able to. I do not share all these 5 star reviews at all!

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Dec 18, 2015
Excellent rates and customer service
mpadhiary16 Account Holder

I got my first credit card from NWFCU in 2012. I was new to United States and had no credit history. While many others rejected my application, NWFCU approved without any issues and I am still using it. In September I bought a car and got it financed by Dealer and they offered a higher rate. I just refinaced it through NWFCU and rate  is 1/4th of dealer rate. 

Only issue is  waiting time when calling their call center, but you have the call back option and they do call back within 30 minutes.

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