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Jun 08, 2017
Worst Credit card and online account
rajeshalavandar Account Holder

They will show incorrect balance zero and they have internal system to see the payment due and making customer not to pay and report that to credit bureau. Seriously NWFCU staff are so useless as you cannot image the level that their brainless and the whole system is designed to support their staff only. please stay away from this company. worst people, worst management, and super fraud, i would rated Zero instead of 1 star

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Jun 07, 2017
The worst banking experience in my life
Anonymous Account Holder

I wish I could give them zero stars....  Firstly they were incredibly rude and disrespectful.  Secondly while they claimed to understand the situation (bought a car and the dealership set me up with these terrible human beings but less than a week later I got a letter from the dealership with instructions to make payments to dealer services which I did... NWFCU sent me no statements no information until several months of on time payments when they threatened to pursue repossession proceedings for non-payment... yet I was paying the dealer as instructed... the dealership wrote me an apology note and a check for all of the funds I had sent to them and not one but TWO terrible human beings at NWFCU tried to bully me into paying immediately with an extra fee for paying by phone of course  AND despite telling me they'd waive any late fees BOTH of them added a $38 late fee.  DO NOT USE THIS BANK FOR ANY REASON EVER!!!!

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May 13, 2017
Habbie Account Holder

Much like the majority I'd like to add that this is the worst (not)  bank,  not fdic insured and horrible service and **** poor customer service skills.

they lie,  they intimidate and threaten you with some grease ball lawyer if you dare voice your displeasure with the scum running that criminal enterprise.

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Feb 22, 2017
Hard to Make Payments
Anonymous Account Holder

Have had them for a couple years now. Has always been a pain to make payments. I have to call and wait to get a representative to process my payment. Wish they had an easy online way to do so (which they claim they do) but as of now you have to have a bank account with them to do such things online. I will say the reps are pretty nice.

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