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Apr 01, 2014
Best Experience Ever!!
ang4duke Account Holder

I have been with Mountain America for 4 years now and have had no problems whatsoever, they redid my car loan and saved me over $3000.00.  When I lost my cards in Europe, they replaced them immediately and gave me the names of credit unions in New York where I could get cash.(before I got back to Utah-)  The service is exemplary, everyone knows your name, they even know nny dogs name!!  This is the best financial institution i have ever dealt with and I have dealt with all the big ones, Wells Fargo, Chase , Citibank, all of them and this one far outshines in every way!!!

It makes every experience a good one and you feel secure with this institution.  You can reach your representatives easiky and they always call you back.  Great Great Great is what I have to say!!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 11, 2014

I will never bank with Mountain America in St George Utah on River Road, I applied for a student loan last week and a  week later it still in process, I did not ask for 20k dollars I asked for a small amount FOR SCHOOL, after they made me have my dad cosign with me they told me sorry there is still not enough income, this was the banker that aftert ME calling him and leaving messages because apperantly he was on lunch or with a customer all day till 5:50, then he calls five mintures before they close and leaves a message, I try to call back the next day well I dont hear from him till 5:50 AGAIN. to tell me sorry there is nothin he can do to help me.He seemed like he did not want to help at me. After Ive heard that this bank was the best for people trying to get their first loan, it has been a nightmare and if its your first time trying to get a loan I do not recomend you to go to them, they act like they are so busy and they dont care to help you at all..

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Jul 21, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Everything was great until a payment was applied to the wrong account. I have never paid a bill late in my entire life. Due to some type of system error I received a phone call from some women with a very bad attitude who treated me like a criminal. Guess this is what happens when you bank with a credit union, you get the armatures.  

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Jul 12, 2016
Best Credit Union I've Been With

My Wife & I have been with MA for several years. We started out having bad credit and MA advised us to get a Pre Paid Credit Card. It helped a lot over a few years bring our credit back up. We now live in AZ but we still go through Las Vegas MA.  Most banks I wouldve left after moving but they have been great. Desiree at Las Vegas Branch helped us get our first Home Equity Loan almost effortlessly.  Good People.

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May 26, 2016
Mesa AZ branch great
jefecook Account Holder

I have been banking here for 2 years, service has been great. Got a Visa and car loan with no issues.

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Feb 18, 2016
Not reporting after Bankruptcy
JasonGBrown Account Holder

we fild bankruptcy and it has been an  ordeal one that we had to do. Now that we have started to reestablish our credit we found out that the car we had before the bk and still have and are still paying on is not reporting on our credit. We have made every payment on time even though we have to go there there bankruptcy department and deal with really rude people every single month. We switched to Security services fediral credit union and have had a great experance with them all around. I cant recomend this credit union to anyone, espcially after trying to get help on this issue and being bounced around getting no where fore a week straight. on the phone waiting for over an hour to speak to someone who says they cant talk to me because they don't have athority to talk to someone with a bankruptcy. makes you feel like crap to be honest, I wouldn't change filing cause we had to but i will never deal with this BANK again. all the wells fargo folks changed it for the worse. 

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Apr 29, 2016

Yes, Mountain America specializes with rude people! I have met with them in several branches.

Jan 02, 2016
Never had a bad experience
Anonymous Account Holder

Iv only had good experiences with this credit went from bad to great from paying my credit card payments on time.i financed a car through them i got a great rate and have always had great Customer service on the phone and in person.

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Nov 08, 2015
Nice place to build credit.
UtahVegan Account Holder

I use this C.U. only for a Visa & it does good to help raise my score so far. 

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Jul 25, 2015
Slam customers with insurance
Anonymous Account Holder

Girl helped me at the North Orem Utah location and got my Honda refinanced, but now I somehow have disability and single life insurance coming out for my credit card monthly. Nothing was ever said to me about insurance. Didn't even know they offered it.

If you go here make sure you chck your credit card online account after about three weeks.

This bank here is a joke!

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May 04, 2015
Car Loan Deceptions and Run Arounds
Kenjitamura Account Holder

I've been banking with them for probably 4 years and not had any problems until today.  I had been pre-approved for a $5600 car loan from Mountain America and was in the process of what I thought was closing the deal but there ended up being one hangup after another.  First hangup, I didn't have a drivers license just a permit and I was going to use this car to practice with and apply for my license within the month.  They took my learners permit number on the application process and I had included its issue and expiration date which shows it at 6 months but I can understand that might not be very clear so this seemed reasonable to me.  

I went ahead and got a State ID to get around this and then went over to one of their branches to verify with a loan officer this'd be ok.  They said yes and I wanted to finish off the loan with the officer but they said since the dealership had started up another application with them I should go through the dealership to finish the process.  At the dealership they called a Mountain America manager to verify a state ID would be acceptable, the manager said no.  Alright another hang up while I was at the dealership and was a little frustrated at this point but still optimistic I could get this resolved.

I then got the buy order with all the details form the dealership and went over to the closest branch to try and sort this out in person.  I went to the branch and started over the loan application and confirmed with the loan officer a State ID is acceptable and went on to try and finish up the loan.  And then came the last problem that was the straw that broke the camels back.  They wanted me to put down 50% of the cars value as down payment to purchase a vehicle with a loan through them.  Their website application process made no mention of a stipulation like this and in none of the several e-mails I had with a loan officer while sorting out the details of the loan was this ever mentioned.  I was hoping to buy my car with a $600 down payment of the $5800 out the door price.  Not gonna happen they told me, I'd need to put down $2800.  I'm not sure why I'd need a 50% down payment as my credit report is pretty good with a 702 rating and 0 blemishes.  I'm paying off student loans and never missed a payment and my income easily covers the monthly payments for the loan.  Not good enough for them.

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Jun 05, 2016

Dealers won't ask cu or bank if learners permit is ok its not no financial institution will finance a car that wayit's just that a Learners permit did your parents go with you on this venture. They are not a big commercialized c.u you don't see commercials or sales pitches. I got my truck through them after only being with for 6 months. I walked into dealer told em what I had which zero fan take my 06 ford and that's it walked out financed for 36892 for my 2014 ford payments 482 no credit score 483

Dec 31, 2014
Not What They Used To Be
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had accounts at MACU for 30 years. They used to be GREAT at what they did. Over the last 10 years or so, they have become very second-rate, or worse. My personal opinion is that it has to do with a much younger, poorly trained staff which seems to be in constant turnover.  If you want to actually talk with someone, it takes forever and then you are likely to get information that is incomplete or erroneous. Once upon a time, they had experienced, competent staff that stayed around, and you could count on them.  I guess maybe they have just tried to cut costs until they can no longer give the services and attention to members like they once did.  I used to enthusiastically promote this CU to family and friends. Not any more.

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Apr 29, 2016

The area director is great but I am not sure he can be a banker at every location.

Oct 10, 2014
Loyal Customer for a Reason
blueyedQT Account Holder

I have been a member of MACU for more than a decade.  It has been my main banking choice, even though I do have other accounts elsewhere.  I started in Cedar City, UT back in 2000 and was thrilled later when they opened a branch in Las Vegas while I was living there.  The customer service has always been fantastic for me.  Now that I even further away from the local branches, I end up calling in often to ask questions or about my account.  A couple of months ago someone scammed me and the MACU fraud department alerted me before I had any idea, they took care of the problem instantly and for that I am forever grateful!  MACU is amazing :D

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