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Aug 12, 2016
So far so good
ladysizzauce Account Holder

I recently became a member of Mccoy Federal Credit Union because I was looking for a small private loan for college. I first checked at my regular bank, Wells Fargo, whom I've been doing business with for almost 12 years and have 4 open accounts with. WF wanted a co-signer for the small loan ($2500). My credit score is in the high 600s and I have 12 years of credit history so I thought this was unreasonable. I went to Mccoy and was approved (without a cosigner) after providing a month's worth of paystubs. All I had to do was open a saving's act with $5 in it (no maintenance fees while you have a loan with them). I also got a better interest rate than I would have with WF. I have yet to make any payments, but I have my online act already set up. It's nothing fancy, just like their branches, but that can be a good thing, not passing those fees off to the customers. So far, so good. In the future I might refinance my auto loan with them after I get my credit score up a little higher. I also will probably look at them for a mortgage in the future if all goes well.

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Jun 29, 2016
danlamppin Account Holder

I have been a member for 17 years. McCoys customer service has continuously got worse over the years. If they give horrible customer service to a member of 17 years, I can't imagine what kind of service they give too newer members. I have had a multitude of problems with this credit union. I will list just a couple and just give the short of the story. I applied for a auto loan, I have over an 800 credit score and no other debt. I was putting 50% down. They denied the loan because it was for a van with more then 9 seats. I have a large family because I am a foster parent. They don't care. The worse part is that they pulled my credit knowing that they were not going to issue the loan. Then they told me that they would give me the loan but it would have to be classified as a commercial business loan. I don't even own a buisness. And since they   decided to classify the loan as a commercial buisness loan the interest rate was going to be 8%. I ended up getting an auto loan from another bank that I am not a customer of and got 3% interest. Unbelievable. They only have one customer service phone number and it goes straight to there main branch. So you have no way of contacting the actual location that you bank with via phone. And since all the customer service phone calls go to one branch there are always like 8 calls ahead of you. 

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