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Jul 19, 2016
Fantastic to do business with this CU
karikuhar Account Holder

My husband and I have savings and checking accounts with Landmark and we've had nothing but good experiences with their tellers and other employees. When we wanted to open additional new accounts we were helped quickly and all our options were explained to us. Debit cards and books of checks came promptly in the mail. We were allowed to use each other for the referral program when we went from 2 accounts there to 4 accounts there and ended up each getting a $50 Visa reward card.  We have a mortgage with them now as well. We asked our seller to give us a $3000 credit towards closing costs and fees - however with Landmark new homeowners closing costs are waived, so we were allowed to use our credit to either buy out of PMI insurance or purchase 'credits' to decrease our interest rate. We opted to purchase credits and ended up with a super 2.8% 30-year fixed mortgage. Payment is easy and can be done through their website when we log in to see our other accounts via Bill Pay. 

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Jul 12, 2016
Poor customer service!
Ryanbroderick17 Account Holder

I paid off a motorcycle loan, in full, and was treated poorly.  The teller was unprofessional, and did not know what she was doing.  Her supervisor was clueless as well.  Then a manager got involved and was rude an arrogant.  This was at the New Beelin branch.  What should have been a simple process, was not.  I am closing my accounts, and will never do business with this company again.

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Jun 28, 2016
Customer Service as a whole is terrible.
Anonymous Account Holder

First I opend the account in November 2015 at the MID TOWN WALMART location, and I asked for a debit card and a book of checks. She seleced them and said she sent them. Weeks later I call about the debit card and checks they told me that they were never ordered. Everything that I asked for on my account was never sent in. WTF. So I had to go to a branch loaction and get a crappy print out debit card. Its only been 5 months and this card is unreadable. Now they want to charge me for a debit card I was suspose to recieve for free.

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