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Jul 19, 2017
Absolutely Terrible
Anonymous Account Holder

I signed up for Courtesy Pay on my account multiple times and every occassion (3) where they said they'd protect me they told me I wasn't in it. I've paid NSF Fees almost every month I've been with them because I was told one thing by a teller and another by a call center rep. Do not bank with them

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Mar 09, 2017
Best checking account ever
jrd6189 Account Holder

I haven't ever had a negative experience with LMCU (though I do agree their mobile app is clunky) and I'm having a hard time jiving the other reviews here with the credit union I've worked with for over 5 years. LMCU has been nothing but incredible in my experieince. Super responsive, super friendly, incredible interest on my checking account! I know multiple friends who have auto or home loans through LMCU as well, and every one of them raves about the great rate they got. Maybe it depends on the branch location, but we all live and work in Holland. I personally haven't gone through the loan process with them, but I have had a much better experience with savings, checking, and credit card through LMCU than my previous bank, Fifth Third, which was the worst institution I've ever worked with, period.

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Sep 21, 2017

I just got a credit card thru them and it was quit easy process. They even talked me into refinancing my auto loan decreasing my interest rate down to 5.4 instead of 10.

Jan 31, 2017
Great high-interest checking account 3%!
iceberq Account Holder

Great 3% interest rate checking account has become my primary account. Not the latest and greatest in mobile apps, but at least it's properly sized and has touch ID login on my iPhone. Does not have great functionality to transfer funds to/from accounts at other banks, but this works well for my needs! 

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Jan 25, 2017
Best CU arounds
okellymk Account Holder

I would recommend LMCU to anyone. They have the best customer service around.  Loan's are easy, accounts pay great rates!

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Jan 25, 2017
Best Credit Union Around
okellymk Account Holder

LMCU is one of the best CU's around. Excellent Customer Service. Would recommend them to everyone!

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