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Jun 25, 2015
gman1950 Account Holder

I applied for and received approval for my mortgage, LMCU was in constant contact with me giving me updates, I closed within six weeks of initial application. Phenonemal speed and as I said, constant updates, all this from the Troy ,Mi . location. No hesitation in reccomending them to anyone.


Rochester Hills

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 06, 2013
used to be great; declining quickly
Anonymous Account Holder

i have been with LMCU for nearly 7 years now. when i first joined, they were awesome. people were nice, friendly and knowledgeable. i never really had any issues with anything. HOWEVER, over the past year things have declined very rapidly. they have reduced their return on both savings and checking. They have changed the way they process transactions; it used to be a nightly batch with deposits THEN widthdrawls and now its the opposite. since they run stuff to encourage overdraft fees, their overdraft fee has nearly doubled in 7 years. all fees have gone up.

I tried to get a home loan through them but it took forever so i dropped it and went with a bank that actually had better customer service. their online chat feature is nice but the people you talk to aren't the most knowledgeable so it just ends up being a waste of time and you have to go into a branch to get whatever you needed.

I have a car loan through them also which was alright. the dealership dealt with them so we didn't have to.

long story short, they used to be great but i am looking for a replacement. once my car loan is paid off, i am dropping them.

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Jul 19, 2017
Absolutely Terrible
Anonymous Account Holder

I signed up for Courtesy Pay on my account multiple times and every occassion (3) where they said they'd protect me they told me I wasn't in it. I've paid NSF Fees almost every month I've been with them because I was told one thing by a teller and another by a call center rep. Do not bank with them

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Mar 09, 2017
Best checking account ever
jrd6189 Account Holder

I haven't ever had a negative experience with LMCU (though I do agree their mobile app is clunky) and I'm having a hard time jiving the other reviews here with the credit union I've worked with for over 5 years. LMCU has been nothing but incredible in my experieince. Super responsive, super friendly, incredible interest on my checking account! I know multiple friends who have auto or home loans through LMCU as well, and every one of them raves about the great rate they got. Maybe it depends on the branch location, but we all live and work in Holland. I personally haven't gone through the loan process with them, but I have had a much better experience with savings, checking, and credit card through LMCU than my previous bank, Fifth Third, which was the worst institution I've ever worked with, period.

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Jan 31, 2017
Great high-interest checking account 3%!
iceberq Account Holder

Great 3% interest rate checking account has become my primary account. Not the latest and greatest in mobile apps, but at least it's properly sized and has touch ID login on my iPhone. Does not have great functionality to transfer funds to/from accounts at other banks, but this works well for my needs! 

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Jan 25, 2017
Best CU arounds
okellymk Account Holder

I would recommend LMCU to anyone. They have the best customer service around.  Loan's are easy, accounts pay great rates!

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Jan 25, 2017
Best Credit Union Around
okellymk Account Holder

LMCU is one of the best CU's around. Excellent Customer Service. Would recommend them to everyone!

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Dec 09, 2016
Closed my account without notifying me
Mimsyyyy Account Holder

I went in to cash a check one day and was told my account was closed.  They never notified me or returned the money that was in my account.  Frustrated to say the least.  

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Sep 20, 2016
They Do not care about you
Bpoort Account Holder

This Credit Union is worse than a bank. I am a former banker, and they have several things they do poorly. First of all they have a terrible Online banking website and app, that is difficult to understand, and easy to overdraw your account with. I still do not understand it fully, and I have a BA in accounting, an MBA in business administration and 15 years experience in banking. It seems they allow pending transactions to overdraw your account, and then when they receive the "receipt" for the transaction, they send it through again as "posted" and allow that to overdraw the account as well. I paid more than $100 dollars in NSF fees monthly while I banked there, and now that I have switched, I have paid none in six months at the bank I now use. The staff is nice, and want to help, but the administration and management really do not know what they are doing in terms of banking. I also had a credit card, and due to a loss of my job could not pay it.  Every other Bank and credit card company worked with me, reducing my interest rate to 0%, allowing me to not pay anything at all for several months until I found work etc....everyone but LMCU. They called family members, including my ex-wife whom I had a PPO order against, looking for money, and after just 6 months, filed to take me to court. Even banks that are known for their fees, and poor customer service treated me better than this Credit Union. I wanted a credit union barbecue I heard they were local, part of my community and cared about me as a person, as opposed to a bank that is just out for my money.  Perhaps that is true of some other credit unions, but not this one. Despite their not-for-profit tax status, profit is all they care about, and even more so than the typical nasty banks so many of us dislike. Stay far away from them if you ever fall on hard times, because they could care less about you. 

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Sep 15, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

If you want the worst possible experience trying to get a mortgage for an exciting time in your life to buy a home don't go here this is the worst place to deal with!!!!! LMCU IS THE WORST CHOICE!!! A WORD OF EXPERIENCE ,TERRIBLE!

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Sep 15, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I dont know why this shows OLD rating 1st ,show the ones those r the true ones!!! Beleive ALL THE NEGATIVE IT'S TRUE been trying to get out mtg to close what a fricken joke, Amanda and David worthless they don't return calls do not have a clue where ur loan stands when u do finally talk to them always needing more stuff that is pointless so OUR PURCHASE AGREEMENT DATE TO CLOSE BY HAS EXPIRED COULD LOSE THE HOUSE THANKS TO LMCU They have been "WORKING" on it (sitting on someone's desk) since end of July. DO NOT USE LMCU THEY R HORRIBLE!!!!! Wish I woyld have looked at these reviews before I had!!! WORST PURCHASE EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

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Sep 12, 2016
Non-Reputable Company
Anonymous Account Holder

They slashed my interest rate in half from 2% to 1%, then had the audacity to charge my account a total of $40 when I transferred my HSA funds to a better provider. Avoid these crooks at all cost!

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