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Feb 19, 2013
Mortgage Refi
DinoHulk Account Holder

A mortgage refi was recently completed. For those who are diligent and on top of their game will have good experiences. Best advice is to keep close tabs on all mortgage app processing, contact the LO frequently to obtain current status/changes if any. I kept track of all changes but yet and still there were extra fee's that were not discussed during the GFE document which incurred some out of pocket expense that was not my fault but the error of the LO in calculating the loan amount. Make sure they do not pad your loan but only apply for what you need + your fee's and check the limits on what the mortgage company will assess should you have an excess amount due at closing. Timing and accurate as possible calculations is critical to avoid extra fee's they will charge you for when the LO overestimated your loan. I would do this again but with a more enlightened approach as to those hidden fees. It's still a great credit union!!

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Jan 23, 2013
Used to be a good credit union
ecq Account Holder

This used to be a good credit union. I have been with them for many years and have been satisfied depending on the branch visited. I have had a car loan and banking products with them.

But recently, I tried to get a personal loan. I asked the loan officer what loan amount I could qualify for based on my income and debt. She told me that she doesn't know and that she needs me to spit out a number. Well, at first I told her what I'd like to make a loan for, but she said they'd have to pay the money to what I'm purchasing- the merchant(s). So I told her to make it for what  I intended for and something else. She said okay. She then told me to borrow 5x the amount I wanted to since the rate would be cheaper and I could get the longest term. Now, this was an amount that I know would be too much for a personal loan at my income rate. She said I could pass based on my credit score and what I could afford for a monthly payment. I listened to her. I also asked her who approves the loan and what not. She told me that a credit department does and she just underwrites it. Well, I got a call from her the following day stating that I couldn't pass because I was asking for too much money. Also, she said that I was being suspicious since I could not tell her what I'm making a loan for! She then stated that her manager (not the credit department) said she would not loan out that much, but to cut off my credit cards and make a consolidation loan with them and to open a credit card with them as well! This was the first bank I've ever heard tell me to cancel all my cards and bring in my debt to them as a condition to get a personal loan which is a consolidation loan that I did not apply for. I contacted other banks and they tell me this is not what happens when you apply for a personal loan with them. This loan officer had the nerve to ask me why my credit card grantors have no hard inquiries on trans union- and kept insisting that when I applied for credit cards, they just did a soft pull. Obviously it's because they used the other credit reporting agencies! She also kept stating how low my income was over and over again!

I am now looking into other financial institutions to move my money and car loan to. I can't believe I had to get a hard inquiry for a ridiculous experience to get a personal loan. I figured my credit union would be cheaper and helpful but it turned out to be an awful experience.

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Oct 09, 2012
competitive interest rates
DinoHulk Account Holder

Professional and personal customer service. Checking with automatic deposit is free. I like the free cashiers checks [limited/month], phone and online services, bill pay etc.. Rates for various services [loans, savings etc.] are competitive. 

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