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Nov 23, 2016
Horrible lenders- hassle customers
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been dealing with banks for twenty years and never had problems at all. This bank is so eager to charge off and take you to court that it's super mysterious. My loan was more than half paid off and I was getting a summons to court every month to threaten me to pay despite me offering three different ways to do so when I fell a bit behind due to legal fees and divorce. Instead- they would only accept a phone call with permission for a one time payment on someone's voicemail! Absolutely insane.  Never will I do business with them again. 

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May 12, 2016
The worst loan company ever
Anonymous Account Holder

I used this company for a crazy six-year car loan and have been paying relatively steadily. In year 5.5 they sent me a notice to appear in their small claims court because I'm a month late with payment? They also have overestimated what I still owe. They've also sent kooky person to my door once to take photos. I think they hire them off Craigslist. The person apologized.

I'm a grown adult and maybe have had six or seven car loans in this time. This one is clearly the worst. They are obviously using illegal collection tactics. This loan has made me rethink ever getting a loan again. My next car will be cash only. Avoid these crooks.

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