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Sep 20, 2017
Not good
Anonymous Account Holder

Have an auto loan with FPCU and they added $2,000 to my balance when I switched car insurance companies. Didn't give me a call, email, or anything. Seems pretty shady to me. I won't be working with them again. 

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Jan 27, 2017
Choose a better bank
Anonymous Account Holder

i have been with them for several years. Even though credit unions are suppose to work with you they don't. They hardly approve members for anything. They don't have many locations throughout the U.S. so you will have to use a shared branch. The shared branches constantly harass you to open accounts with them. There system is also down a lot so shared banks can't process transactions until they're up. They only operate on central time so good luck if your in another time zone and you have issues. They process direct deposits late and the bill epay writing checks takes forever to clear. They will charge you $35 fee if you go over 2 cents.  If your pay day falls on a holiday don't expect it to be deposited early like many of the other banks. If you are not living in California where you have access to a local branch it's not worth it

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Jan 11, 2017
Epiphany001 Account Holder

I can't say that I had trouble with this credit union, but I have not been able to grow with them over a number of years at all. I have been able to be approved for everything they over at abother financial  institution. First time home buyer, credit cards, auto loan, small personal loan: all of these steps I tried to establish  during the time I have been a customer @ Financials Partners Credit Union, approved for all at either BOA or other financial  institutions. Not what I expected and sad to have to leave for the love of stability but just no growth at all.

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