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Sep 29, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Ent is the most unprofessional and unhelpful bank I've ever dealt with. If you have any financial issues, they will not assist you in any way! Please please don't use Ent because if you ever need them they will not help you in any way. They are closed on the weekends and they have working hours so plast 5pm you can not reach them for anything!

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Aug 30, 2017
They are not easy to do businees with
Anonymous Account Holder

They make it unnessasrily hard to do certian things that are easy with other banks and lenders I deal with... plus their live customer service help can be down right rude and are also very difficult to get things done.

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Apr 27, 2017
Backed out of home loan on closing day
Bobyn42 Account Holder

Don't go to ENT for a home loan unless you have a straight-forward conventional loan.  We worked with ENT to try to purchase a home that needed some renovation.  At first they were very accomodating, working hard to find a product that would work for our unique situation.  As we came closer to closing, more things fell through the cracks.  I would repeatedly ask if the insurance policy I found was okay, the status of the appraisal, and if they needed anything else from us before closing.  Two days before close, they say the insurance policy doesn't conform to the loan (FHA 203b loan).  I then get a new insurance quote based on what the lender needed, they work two days running it by the underwriter.  On the day we were supposed to close, we were told the property needs too much work and they won't be able to lend to us.  
We now have to scramble to find a new lender after we were completely transparent with the property condition from day one.  ENT is terrible with communicating with their customers and, we feel, they weren't completely honest with us when things started falling apart.  They strung us along until closing day and put us in an awful position when we did everything they asked.  Because of this, I cannot recommend ENT to anyone in any capacity.

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Apr 12, 2017
Surely better than any other institution
Anonymous Account Holder

I chuckled at the one star rating on this site where the person was upset about the bank taking their money as a result of filing bankruptcy... hilarious.  Anyway, I like ENT, plan on staying with ENT, have financed a vehicle with ENT, my wife re-financed her's with ENT.  No problems, no fees for early payoff of the vehicles, and we both got rates in the 2-3% range.  Can't beat that!

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