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Eastman Credit Union (ECU)

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Feb 03, 2016
They only try to serve the wealthy elite
Anonymous Account Holder

I loved them until I applied for a consolidation loan. They declined me in just a few hours after it was further reviewed, manually. They cited all the reasons why I was being declined as the current state of my financial report. I was not behind on any payment at all. I was only looking to reduce my interest and pay off my bills faster, and save some money. Any idot should know that every one of their poor excuses was what I would be fixing in an instant with the consolidation loan. I had too many accounts with balances close to thteir maximum. Really? Their loan was the fix to that problem. Duh! They can't stretch their minds enough to know that is what these loans are for - to fix ALL of these concerns, immediately. An average person off of the sztreet can't get a loan through them. I have had 3 other offers already through other banks. Go figure. I've only been a customer in good standing with multiple accounts with them, for about 10 years. All of this means nothing. Plus I've never been late on any payments, not once.

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