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DFCU Financial

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Dec 30, 2016
Customer service is getting bad
Anonymous Account Holder

Been a member for 11 years. The last year or so, things are going down hill. Considering moving to a competitor if things don't pick up soon

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Oct 31, 2016
I believe they have lost their focus
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member since 1986.  They have begun charging annoying fees for everything.  I have opened an account with another credit union and am slowly drawing down my account and will close it once it gets down to a lower balance.  I would have $50K in my checking account and they would charge $1.00 because I exceeded my monthly limit of on-line bill pay transactions and the topper was wien the charged to use the shared branch option that no other credit union charges.  I complained and they didn't care.  So I will take my business elsewhere in the future.  Sad.  

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Mar 13, 2016
BayviewBadger Account Holder

Spent nearly 4 years with DFCU. They love nailing you with $1 fees, but brag about their "member dividend." The "member dividend" doesn't even cover the fees they charge. The most annoying is the $1/month paper statement fee. When we went to close out our account, the $1 paper statement fee messed up the final transfer out to our new financial institution.

My wife and I had a "joint account" but DFCU never really treated us as equals, they treated us as 2 very separate individuals who just happened to have a name on the account. We each had separate logins, and they **regularly** witheld information from my wife relevant to the account even though we had signed every paper granting equal rights and were even prepared to give them a copy of our marriage license. We gave up when we moved, and only ended up changing my wife's address instead of going through their hassle to change my address as well. I would go so far as to say we were mistreated/discriminated by DFCU for being married and holding a joint account. No other financial institution we've ever worked with has ever treated us so unfairly as a married couple.

Technologically, their systems are back in the 1990's. Their portal is horrible on a good day, and not user-friendly even for a techie. Their default is to make you go to a branch for everything..."Hello DFCU, it's 2016!" They just started offering check deposit via image/smartphone, but as a techie I can honestly not trust their systems to handle it right.

They push their loan rates in ever communication with them, but they are not even remotely competitive so don't waste your time even looking at them.

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Feb 26, 2016
Very good for many years
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member since 1976.  Before then I used banks; had several make mistakes on my accounts.  No mistakes with DFCU ever.  Customer service is very good; loan process was reasonable.  The updated website is great, I can find what I want.  They use 2 level authentication, which makes me feel a lot better about using the website. They pay a dividend at the end of the year, enjoy that as well. I plan on staying with DFCU and recommend them to my friends.

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