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Feb 18, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

 Desert schools Federal credit Union  is  horrible and dishonest .  They purposely hold things .  So they can charge you $35 ..  They're so dishonest .

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Jan 05, 2017
Really bad customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

We've been with Desert Schools for over a decade and haven't had any major issues so far, but we're trying to get approved for a mortgage and are being completely ghosted by them. The first time we went in, the broker wasn't there. We were given an appointment for the next day. We came in the next day and she had no record of an appointment for us. Told us she would e-mail us with what we need to bring in and we would get a call to confirm the appointment the next day as well. Waited all day, never got the confirmation call or the informational e-mail, we called and nobody picked up, we e-mailed in asking for the informational e-mail, still nothing. Not going to drive 20 miles out to the other branch just to be told we slipped through the cracks yet again. We're going somewhere else.

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Oct 02, 2016
Charged $ 9,- for a deposit of $ 1.37
Anonymous Account Holder

I  opened  my  account  only  a  few  months  ago  and  after  one  bad  experience  followed  the  other  I  am  going  to  leave  again:

*  Deposited  Well's   Fargo  cashier's   check -  Desert  Schools  put  a  hold  on  it  for  2  weeks  and  when  I  explained  to  a  supervisor  that  this  was  against  the  rules  of  the  Federal  Reserve,  he  acted  super-arrogant  telling  me  that  their  rules  don't  apply  to  them.   I  filed  a  complaint  and  received  an  apology  letter.

*  Cash  deposits  at  their  ATMs   are  held  for  several  business  days

*   When  I  opened  my  account  I  told  the  guy  several  times  that  my  street  address  is  not  a  mailing  address  and   that  the  mail  would  be  returned  if  sent  to  the  street  address.   they  entered my  PO  box  into  the  system  and  still  sent  my  statements  to  the  street  address.  I  never  received  them,  even  after  several  months.

*   When  I  made  a  deposit  of  $ 6,501.37   ($ 1.37  in  coins,  the  rest  in  $ 100  bills)  they  charged  me  almost  $ 10  for  depositing  the  coins.   The  teller  did  not  mention  that  the  deposit  of  $ 1.37  in  coins  would  cost  me  almost  $ 10,-

*  A  few  weeks  after  opening  my  "free"   account  I  received  a  notice  that  they  would  charge  me  $ 24,-  per  year  if  I  would  not  sign  up  for   "electronic  statements"  and  agree   to  their  electronic  statement  policy.

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Sep 17, 2016
Do not put your money in DSCU! Run..Fast
Anonymous Account Holder

My hub and I moved here from Southern Cal and thought a credit union would be our best bet. So we went to DS. Omg do I regret it! They are the worst in every area possible. They have unrealistic expectations for granting credit and when you do apply for credit, there customer service is so bad they can't even explain or give correct info! They never return phone calls or answer emails. We applied to refi a car and they gave us bad info and we ended up declining and they did 4 hard inquiries on our credit. They are not for the customer! Watch out!! 

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Aug 19, 2016
Lacking in customer service
thatchikkarissa Account Holder

I've had multiple accounts with Desert Schools for over 14 years and their customer service is no longer what it used to be. They no longer treat you like a "member" just a number. There are many other options out there and this is no longer a good one.

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Aug 01, 2016
Will not apply for an auto loan here.ekc
Anonymous Account Holder

I was thinking about banking with desert schools and also applying for an auto loan but based on the reviews, I guess I will be checking out Arizona Federal!

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Jul 12, 2016
Poor Customer Service and Efficiency...
Zeigh Account Holder

I have been a DSCU member for 26 years. Over that time I have maintained an excellent credit rating and held a variety of loans through them in good standing. In the beginning they were friendly, good at their job, and willing to go the extra mile to keep my business. Unfortunately their overall customer service has declined greatly in the last 6-8 years with robotic employees who only narrowly know their job responsibilities, are unable to solve basic business problems, show poor accountability when such trouble arises (“I don’t know.” should NEVER be uttered in business unless it is followed by “But I will find out for you.”), and fail miserably in providing the confidence that someone who holds your money should. Some examples are electrionic checks that they send and vanish, wire transfers that they loose, phone calls not returned, and more. I have written several letters detailing the various problems to their management, but only receive canned apologies in return or a rare caring supervisor that calls back, only to leave for another position or company after providing false promises.

If it were not for the fact that I have so many automatic deposits/payments and three loans with DSCU, I would close all accounts and move to one of their competitors. My suggestion is to avoid DSCU at all costs and choose another bank.

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May 03, 2016
No loyalty
Anonymous Account Holder

T was a customer for 18-years. Had to file BK because of medical expenses. Desert Schools closed my checking account. Sad...SAD ...customer service!

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