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Oct 26, 2017
SOannoyed100 Account Holder

Consumers Credit Union is by far the worst I've ever experienced. I have had 2 loans with them (Car loan and personal). Not only were they ALWAYS late on sending me estatements but they were always incorrect. And rather than transferring money from 1 account to the other right away, it took over a week and then I was charged overdraft fees because they did not do their end. In 2016, I moved from MI to FL. I transferred my title and everything to FL of course. Anyway, in September 2016, I paid off my auto loan. I contacted cosumers and asked for them to send a release of the lein on my title and to send me information stating my loan has been paid. They told me they would send me information via email (Never got this) and regular mail. I moved from 1 side of FL to the other about 2 weeks after this call - still never recieved anything. I called the credit union and they told me they did not have my new mailing address on file so I gave it to them. (Still never recieved a thing). Anyway, I must have forgotten or what have you because the work I do keeps me very busy so it must have slipped my mind. Mid October 2017, I got a new car and traded in the car I paid off. Everything seemed to be okay until I got a call from the dealership stating Consumers never released my lein on the title. I contacted Consumers and guess what?! The person NEVER sent out the release or ANYTHING to myself or FL stating everything is okay. So here we are a year later, I dont have my title and now I'm ****ed. I call consumers on a monday, they reassure me that they will send out an eletronic notice to FL and also mail me a copy of the lein release..... come thursday, the DMV does not have it because I go in there and they tell me Consumers made it a "Paper pending" which basically means I have to wait anywhere between a week and a month to get my title... the dealership at this point has already been waiting a week. So because Consumers did not do their job, I am stuck playing the waiting game. They were NOT HELPFUL by any means and the guy who handles the leins must've been to scared of getting yelled at because he refused to speak to me. Long story short: They are the worst. They mess your account up, they do not fill out paperwork correctly, they do not answer voicemails or emails, they do not double check the status of their members, they do not seem apologetic for being in competent and they seem to be more about themselves rather than the members. I wouldn't be so ****ed if they were at least sorry they screwed up but they didn't even seem to care. All they kept telling me is "oh, yea unfortunetly, theres nothing we can do to speed up the process". and  I said "Okay, so what you're telling me is YOU guys didnt do YOUR job A YEAR AGO when my car was paid and I even contacted you to send the release... and now I have to wait because of your mess up? Just so you know, I will be filing multiple complaints against you ad you seem unprofessional and not willing to even take responsibility for your wrong doings. While we are at it, I am going to drain my checking account and you need to close is right now as I will never work with you again and my goal is to let everyone know how terrible your credit union is" and she told me "No, I completely understand. I would be quite upset too but it's just not anything we can do at this point. You're going to have to just be patient and when your title does come in, take it to the dealership."

Long story short: There was a lot of back and forth and nothing seemed to be resolved.... other than me waiting for the next 2 weeks for MY title that I paid OVER A YEAR AGO in which I should have recieved it already. Also, I did in fact drain my account with them :) If you're looking for a good credit union with staff that actually knows how to do their part, Consumers is not the place to go. 

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May 24, 2017
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Anonymous Account Holder

Horrible custmer support.  I've been a member since 1993, so I have had quite a long relationship with the credit union.  Over the past number of years, they have made it more challenging for me to do any online banking.  Most recently on April 28, they (their vendor) did a system update.  Since that time I have been locked out of my account. (two days short of a month of this writing)  Multiple calls and promises of contacting the vendor have had no results. (they farm out the online banking)  Not even the crredit union can access my account!  It's going to be interesting when I close my account tomorrow, whether they can actually close it.  Done with shoddy custmer support and moving my money elsewhere.

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Mar 08, 2017
Not worth the interest rate!
Anonymous Account Holder

Not worth the trouble, they have a withdrawal limit of $2500 a day and $10k for the month. We were in the process of buying a house and our money was stuck in this bank account. Their system didnt show some of our transfers so we went ahead and set up the transfer again, lo behold - the transfers we had set up initially went thru and they charged us $30 NSF fee....closed our account in 10 days and reported us to the credit bureaus. I have spent more time and money with this institution. unfortunately this was my first credit union experience and it wasn't so good. Might work for some people but not for us - we are used to quick online transfers and having access to our money at all times.

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Dec 18, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I was approved for a credit card but when I called after the waiting time period they said the agent forgot to summit it even though I was approved .

Well I appied for it so I can do christmas shopping I hope I get it before christmas.

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Dec 06, 2016
Worst experience of auto loan
Anonymous Account Holder

XXXXXXXXXXXX was point of contact for auto loan process and she seemed communicating well over the phone on closing process. Her communication was so poor that XXXXXXXXXXXX bank rep couldn't understand and was confused and couldn't close the loan. I was told that XXXXXXXXXXXX would contact you for closing. That was waste of time when I drove 60 miles to sign the paper work. According to XXXXXXXXXXXX , she communcated/email detail for local CCU bank to complete the process.   Second round of closing efforts was made at XXXXXXXXXXXX location. XXXXXXXXXXXX said documents are sent over and communicated to local rep with detail to close the loan. At the time of appointment, local bank rep was not aware of such kind of activities. Althought, they had appointment for me. I informed XXXXXXXXXXXX not to leave office until my loan gets closed as she was required to communicate multiple times to answer several questions by rep. XXXXXXXXXXXX was not happy to stay in office after hours but words from XXXXXXXXXXXX bank rep was - this loan wouldn't have closed without XXXXXXXXXXXX being on the phone (almost entire time). On another note, closing/title transfer did cost me few hundreds more due to incorrect communication by XXXXXXXXXXXX . Over all I would say unprofessional and not customer oriented service environment. I would not recommend CCU to anyone. 

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