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Great Card, Great Bank Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I'm rebuilding my credit after divorce, and I applied for this card after less than a year with the credit union. They approved me for a $1000 credit line, even though I'm still rebuilding my score. 

Aug 30, 2013 Reply
I love my bank

I could say many things about previous banks that I've had but nothing negative about citadel I have been banking with them for five years and have never had an issue. I have no credit and the branch manager was so kind enough to start me a trust card which required a deposit of my own money but after a year I got it all back and my credit score went from 0 to 350 it's still very low but I am new to the credit game and hope to continue being financially stable and increasing my score years to come! 😊

Jul 16, 2013 Reply
I Love This Place!

They are quick. Always willing to help you. Greet you as you walk through the door. I never had a problem ith this credit union like some in the past!

Feb 01, 2013 Reply
Sneaky fees and withdrawls

When I took out a car loan I was required to open an account with a minimum of $5.00. My car payment was automatically deducted from my checking account at another bank. One month after my last car payment I noticed that they deducted another payment from my account without my knowledge or permission. Who knows how long they would have kept deducting this if I didn't notice it. I called and they acted like it was no big deal and said that they deposited the payment it into my original $5 account. They agreed to send me a check for the unapproved withdraw. I got the check minus another $5 (without my permission) which they said the left in my account, which now gave me a total of $10.00 in my account. Then they started to charge me $5.00 per month, without warning, for not meeting the minimum balance on an account that I did not want in the first place. Next time I need a car loan or any other loan I will not go to Citadel. My advice is: do not trust them!!!

Dec 07, 2012 Reply

I bank with them. This guy's a moron for not reading what he signs. 5 dollars is required for membership with the credit union. Everyone has a savings account. Thats the difference between a bank and a credit union-you own part of the company youre borrowing from. If you got the loan at a dealer or signed in a branch, you had a membership application. It is also your responsibility to stop your automatic transfers. If the loan is paid off, they put it in your savings account. They also send you statements..did you look at them? Its called fiscal responsibility...why didn't you close the account after getting the check? Someone needs a lesson in not being a lazy dumbass.

ohwowjeeze's reply was:    

  Mar 31, 2013

ohwowjeeze(1, 0)

Review by ohwowjeeze

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 I have been a member of Citadel FCU for over 25 years.  They are more than a bank, they treat you like family.  The company fairly compensates there employees, keeping them happy to make the customer experience pleasant. 

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  Dec 29, 2011 Reply

jimmyjump(1, 0)

Review by jimmyjump

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 These people harassed the hell out of me after I had a kidney transplant and could not pay my bill They even had one teller ask me for a payment and announce that my card payment was late while I was in line at the bank conducting business which I believe is probably against the law. Then after i paid off the card which was a MasterCard issued by Atlantic Employees before Citadel took Atlantic over, Citadel listed two cards in my credit report one being the MasterCard with a credit card account number and the other supposedly being the Visa the MasterCard was transferred into. Only thing is Citadel never really gave me a Visa Card so they listed my actual savings and checking account number in my credit report as the Visa card number. I have since closed all my accounts with Citadel and filed a complaint with the attorney general's office Anyone working in a credit reporting office Equifax Transunion etc had access to my name, ss number, and bank account number which gave them access to my money along with all the scumbags who could access my report for God knows what reason. 

Jun 20, 2012 Reply
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Company Overview

Citadel FCU provides a large variety of financial services to residents of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties in the state of Pennsylvania. Available personal banking products include checking, savings, and money market accounts. Also available are auto loans, CDs, credit cards, IRAs, home equity, and mortgages. PC Banking and Citadel Bank by Phone allow members to access their accounts twenty-four hours a day. With these services, members can check account balances and histories, transfer funds, make loan payments, pay bills, and access eStatements.

Citadel was founded in 1937 as the Lukens Steel Company Employees Credit Union. Changing their name in 1983 to reflect the addition of their community charter, Citadel currently has more than 100,000 members and $1.5 billion in assets.

Company Details

Citadel FCU

  • Established: 1937
  • Headquarters: Thorndale, Pennsylvania
  • Website:
  • Products: Auto Loans, Banking, Credit Cards, Home Equity, Mortgages
  • Assets: $1 billion
  • Available: Online, by phone, in branches; Pennsylvania

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