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Chevron Federal Credit Union (CFCU)

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Mar 21, 2011

I highly recommend Chevron Federal Credit Union!

I have been a member of CFCU for 33 years. CFCU has extremely friendly tellers & lending staff who can usually address their customers by name and, in some cases, even memorized their account numbers.  I have regularly patronized 6 of the branches over the years and received this same great service in every branch. When not close to a CFCU branch, I have easily located a Shared Branch of other credit unions to transact business. I have done the vast majority of my checking, mortgage, and VISA business with CFCU throughout these 33 years.

I have or had accounts with several major banks: BofA (49 yrs), Wells (33 yrs), Chase (20 yrs), & Capital One (15 yrs). Starting in 2008, banks tightened credit on VISAs and other loan customers. I was alienated by the sudden rude treatment from BofA, Wells, Chase, & AmEx.  This was in spite of being a model customer with all these institutions though the decades. Without hesitation, I closed a total of 8 checking & credit accounts among these 4. Now I limit my active business to only CFCU, Capital One, Discover Card.  CFCU, as well as the other 2, have never hesitated to provide courteous full service regardless of tightening economic conditions and changing practices within the industry! Loyalty earns loyalty in return. In 2008, I have opened up several CFCU custodial accounts and expect CFCU to continue its great customer service for another generation.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 24, 2012

If your not employed by Chevron, this will be a really inconveinent bank for you.  Chevron CU is just not set up to be non-employee functional.  Yes, they will allow you to become a member thru a new backdoor in their bylaws, but, trust me you would be better served elsewhere.  For the record, not an unhappy customer, just being honest.

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Dec 24, 2015
Zero complaints.
haydenj96 Account Holder

Always good service with CFCU. I don't live near any branches so I have never gone in person but they are always friendly and helpful through phone and through Secure Email, even accomodating my silly requests like wanting to change the name of a sub savings account, and they are always fast. I can expect a response in one business day - sometimes even the same business day. I am a student so I LOVE the MySavings account, which is 7% (yes, 7, not .7) interest for the first $1,000. It's a great deal. Mobile app is great, they just recently rolled out a whole new app that is wonderful. Co-Op Network makes sure I never really wish I lived near a branch because there are 5 ATMs and 2 Shared Branches within 1 mile! 

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Jan 13, 2015
Very good rates
ralambert Account Holder

I have been with the Chevron Credit Union for > 30 years, but they have not been the only one.  They typically have great mortgage rates and decent auto loan rates.  They also pay better on their accounts.  I have found them helpful when I call.  I agree that they have very few offices but I do most of my banking at ATMs or on-line.

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Jan 03, 2015
poor service experiences
jper89 Account Holder

I've had an account for 5+ years. If I don't use them or need the bank, they are great, but it's when you need them that it is a major hassle. Very few locations nearby, hours are very inconvenient, and they are closed on weekends. Customer service over the phone is given to a call center where all the employees I've talked to are either new and don't know the content very well, or are just incompetent employees overall. I was interrupted many times and in the end, the employee did not answer my questions. Too many years of this crap service, I need to close this account.

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Jul 21, 2014
Loans vs. banking
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member of Chevron Credit Union since 1989 and until the last 4 months would have given them a 5 star rating. But in April, I went to them to refinance my house. (I wanted $20,000., only owed $90,000. on a $600,000. loan) They forgot my paperwork, made me reapply for the loan, and took forever to come through with the loan. By the time I got my money, it had been more than 4 months. I never once spoke to a real human being. I deposited the refinance check into my Chevron account and after a week, the funds are still not available for me to use. Unbelievable.

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Mar 14, 2014
Anonymous Account Holder

This is a small bank where they know you by name, The customer service is excellent and you are never charged any unnecessary fees. If you call you actually speak with one of the tellers at the bank which is nice too. The real estate department is a little slow if done at the el segundo branch. I recommend doing it online or through the phone. That way you deal with the main real estate department and you cut out the middle man or woman who tends to lag. Definitely worth it considering their interest rates are always better then the big banks. 

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Mar 12, 2014
Numerous Good Experiences
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had an account with Chevron Federal Credit Union for over 6 years now and they have always been very helpful. My only complaint is that they don't have a branch that I can walk into nearby. Just recently my account was overdrafted due to communication issues and after calling Chevron they promptly fixed the problem and refunded the overdraft fee charged. 

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Feb 27, 2013
Bad Customer Service Mortgage Experience
Anonymous Account Holder

My husband and I used Chevron FCU for both a refi and a second home mortgage. The Loan Officer was non-responsive and delayed the entire process. He lost documents that we sent him over and over again! We will never use the services through them again.

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Jun 24, 2012

If your not employed by Chevron, this will be a really inconveinent bank for you.  Chevron CU is just not set up to be non-employee functional.  Yes, they will allow you to become a member thru a new backdoor in their bylaws, but, trust me you would be better served elsewhere.  For the record, not an unhappy customer, just being honest.

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May 13, 2012

Been a member of CFCU for 20+ years. The tellers are always friendly. I have savings and checking accounts with them. Have had car loans in the past (I haven't had a car loan in 10 years).  No reason to use a conventional bank when you have all the great services and products available from CFCU.

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Sep 30, 2011

Very safe place to put your money, great loan rates, nice people, but come on guys, how about opening an actual branch in Los Angeles?  You actually have to walk into a tiny little office inside the gates of the El Segundo refinery.  Once inside, you have absolutely no privacy to talk with a banker about your personal financial details, as there are always several other customers right beside you.

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