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CFE Federal Credit Union

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Jun 06, 2016
worse credit union available
Anonymous Account Holder

Atm machines always down on weekends, Plus now they will no longer except rooled coins so now have to pay a 2% fee. Another way for them to steal your money. Charging to except legal US currancy. 

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May 19, 2016
Absolutely awful disgraceful service.
Mordommias Account Holder

One of the worst banks in the country. Been a customer with them for 10 years. Do not fix issues or errors in any amount of speed or haste. Will not work with you on any problems you have. If you have less than perfect credit good luck on them approving anything like a credit card or any type of loan even though they may offer you something on a personal visit. Also the fact that they have more fees than most banks even have. Plan on having at least $250 or more between both your checking and savings accounts or they will slowly siphon away your money without telling you. Absolutely do not recommend one iota.

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Oct 27, 2015
Rip off
Anonymous Account Holder

Expect them to make mistakes on your account at least once a month, then drag their feet to fix it. ATMs often out of order, not a great thing when the closest CFE is 20 minutes from my house. Every time there is an issue it's like pulling teeth to get them to make it right. If you think you'll save money on fees, think again. We just closed our business account and got a FREE one with a national bank instead. We had been with CFE for almost four years and they did not treat us like valued customers. Good riddance.

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