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BECU Reviews
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Jun 02, 2019
Excellent Customer Service & Products
Tonya7TE777 Account Holder

We get high interest on our Checking/Savings accounts, low interest or 0% on our credit cards and loans, early saver accounts for kids under 18 w/high interest on their money. 

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Mar 26, 2019
BECU is outdated and uncaring.

Opened an account just over twelve hours ago and I will be closing it ASAP. There is nearly no way to receive help and when you contact someone other than their extremely limited help options, they basically tell you "Bye Felicia." 

No thanks. I would have attempted to speak with them had 1) there been more than ONE way to contact them with my issue and 2) they had some sort of respect for my time and needs.

There are so many alternative banking solutions that actually want your business. Skip this bank in credit union clothing. 

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