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Oct 22, 2020
AngryBECUcutimer Account Holder

After banking with BECU for OVER 15 years I moved out of state.  After several months I chose to open an account in the state I now live and close my BECU account.  When calling to close it, I was told I need to come into a branch (2500 miles away) or sign a form that is not readily available and mail it to them by USPS.  I asked to use online services to close the account and was told this is not possible.  I have not used a stamp in nearly 10 years with online services available everywhere including with them.  But, they try to lock you into their institution.   I now owe $75 in bank fees accrued over two months because I was unable to close the account.  I’m flying to Seattle to close the account and save my credit.  


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Jan 25, 2020
Friendly, to you and your money.
anjy93 Account Holder

BECU has been great. My grandpa worked for Boeing and had an account, my parents got one through him, and I got one after graduating HS. The lack of fees and great deal of forgiveness is great for people still trying to figure out their finances. They were super helpful when I made mistakes with car payments, reverting money and helping me to make the payments properly. I've also had to get new cards through them a couple times, due to my own carelessness, and they were very kind about the whole process. Online, in person, both experiences have been great for me and my family.

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