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Apr 14, 2021
credit score fix by best credit repair
Davids9999 Account Holder

I was thinking of applying for a bankruptcy form because i have no other options, I�m on a fixed income and cannot afford new things like auto loan, mortgage loan. My insurance premiums increased and the interest rate has hindered me from getting some benefits and securing a job I wish. I came across a comment of a man on a blog giving kudos to EXCELLENT REPAIRS for job well done in clearing off his debts and fixing his bad credit report. I took a risk by hiring him to fix my credit. I�m happy to tell you that my credit was fixed within 6-7 days by this exceptional credit expert. I was impressed by his work and that�s the reason I�m recommending him as well. You can reach him at "bestcreditsolution70 @ g m a i l . c o m  /  8 0 2 2 1 0 8 5 5 8  " You will be glad you did

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Apr 06, 2021
Credit Repair Service
Eilene01 Account Holder

I was looking to improve my credit score to purchase a home. My credit was poor (583) and I had three credit cards that have been paid off in the past couple of months. I needed the accounts removed from my credit report but the problem is they were the oldest cards on my report. I contacted a credit repair expert to help me rebuild my credit, remove negatives and raise my score so I can purchase a home. He did just that for me in 7 days and I purchased the home afterwards. Here is his contact info: FixMyCredit At WriteMe Dot Com

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Apr 06, 2021
Wonders of XAP
xxticjh Account Holder

You could imagine applying for a credit card, putting in an application for a home loan or looking at buying a car even and being told that you couldn't because you had a negative credit rating. This was the story of my life until I found a XAP Credit Solution! He helped put my credit back on track, deleted some items affecting my low credit including IRS and eviction and I was able to get approval on loan facility I need. Can’t thank him well enough, promised to share his skills in hacking. XAPCREDITSOLUTION at GMAIL dot COM I hope this information is helpful if you’re looking for a better way to go about your credit report

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Apr 02, 2021
Credit Fix
ArthuroDreher01 Account Holder

I had 7 items removed, and my credit score from all three bureaus went up over 400 points. Yes, if you have the time and right link, you can absolutely do this stuff too. File your reports to (efficientnethack AT gmail DOT com), and get your score improved in a few days. Thanks guys my new score is about 786 now.

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Mar 25, 2021
Credit Fix
remdcs Account Holder

Get your credit cleaned with the help of a reliable personnel Fico and Ex Transunion agent! He's tested and trusted. I had a very low credit score (around 520) and it was ruining my life. I needed help. I was very depressed because of it and had been trying to repair it but It just seems nothing was capable of getting my score raised quickly. I needed something done fast. I had read a lot of good things about this hacker online which gave me a go ahead to try him out. I almost gave up my search for a real agent because I kept meeting fake people who are not capable enough and who are always after the money, I've been conned by them. this programmer is not about the money but about attaining a good reputation at always satisfying his customers. My credit score is now 780, 790 and 820 on all big 3 bureaus and it was 100% confirmed by FICO. This is my way of showing appreciation for a job well done on my credit report. Reach out to him for help at bestcreditsolution12 @ g m a i l . c o m

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Mar 25, 2021
Credit Solution
JE22E1 Account Holder

I’m 21 and had great credit up until recently. My ex-boyfriend got me evicted by not paying his half of rent and I also had one late payment for a department store card for the amount of $55. It dropped my score down almost 100 points. I contacted a credit repair specialist to help me remedy the situation so I can get another rent. In just 6 days, he deleted the eviction and the late payment. He upgraded my score to 789. I got another apartment immediately after the fix and thanks to him. efficientnethack AT gmail DOT com

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Feb 27, 2021
Credit Repair Expert
ladybug1107 Account Holder

Just wanted to thank them for everything they did for us. In less than 7 days of work, our credit score has risen high enough to be able to qualify for a mortgage loan that we were not able to before. Besides that, everyone there was so professional and friendly and easy to work with that it made the whole experience quite enjoyable. I have recommended you to several people and will continue to recommend your services to everybody I come in contact with. Reach out to E F F I C I E N T N E T H A C K @ G M A I L dot C O M.

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Feb 25, 2021
Credit Help
Kabrinaw Account Holder

I had a 496 with transunion and 495 with Equifax. I was considering Bankruptcy or Debt settlement. Last year, my car got repossessed and needed a new car in the worst way. I had collections as well.  A friend advised me to contact Computer warehouse group for credit help and I did. They cleaned up my entire credit, got rid of collections and raised my score to 792 within 2 weeks. I got a new car and also qualified for a business loan. I strongly recommend them for your credit repair process, here’s their contact: C O M P U T E R W A R E H O U S E G R O U P 1 at G M A I L d0t C O M.

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Feb 20, 2021
Credit Help
Ericawilliams001122 Account Holder

S W I F T C R E D I T R E P A I R 2 6 at G M A I L dOt C O M is my helper. He came through for me when all the other credit repair companies had taken my money without doing anything. I was able to secure my first house loan with down payment easily after he upgraded my credit score and cleaned up negative items on my credit. He's reliable, efficient and trust-worthy. Feel free to contact him if you need same services too

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Oct 22, 2020
AngryBECUcutimer Account Holder

After banking with BECU for OVER 15 years I moved out of state.  After several months I chose to open an account in the state I now live and close my BECU account.  When calling to close it, I was told I need to come into a branch (2500 miles away) or sign a form that is not readily available and mail it to them by USPS.  I asked to use online services to close the account and was told this is not possible.  I have not used a stamp in nearly 10 years with online services available everywhere including with them.  But, they try to lock you into their institution.   I now owe $75 in bank fees accrued over two months because I was unable to close the account.  I’m flying to Seattle to close the account and save my credit.  


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